Why Have a Weekly Reset?

When 2021 started, I was needing to add some sort of stability into my life, as I was still quarantining at home and doing college from home. My mental health was spiraling, I neglected to connect to the things that brought me peace of mind, forgot about the little things that spark joy. One of my favorite YouTubers MuchelleB, who I owe a lot of my organizational abilities, talks a lot on her channel about life admin days and various resets throughout her weeks, months, and years. I decided I wanted to put together a weekly reset to do every Sunday that incorporates productivity, self-care, and other things that allow me to go into my week with a fresh head, heart, and soul.

I wanted to talk about developing a reset routine because it’s the perfect habit to implement as the New Year rolls around, and I have found that it has brought a lot of benefits in my daily life. The whole goal of the weekly reset is to bring a fresh start to your week. A lot happens each week and a lot of the time, we neglect to check in with ourselves and give ourselves time each week to have that check-in. Naturally, the week may take over and we tend to forget to do self-care during the week, this is that time where even if I didn’t have time for it during the week, it’s a few hours to still get some substantial self-care in. When developing your weekly reset, start small. It has to be built like a habit, therefore start small and build it into your routine and then build on it as time goes on and you find yourself wanting to add more to your reset.

This can become a whole different tangent but habits and routines are meant to improve your life and make it easier, so your weekly reset should do just that. As time went on in my year of weekly resetting, I found myself noting things I wanted to start doing and incorporating them into my reset days and other things I wanted to remove. For example, I wanted to make astrology a more prominent part of my weekly routine, therefore I added it as part of how I plan on using the astrological energies in tune with my goals for the week.

The weekly reset is not only a way for me to recover from the past week and really take a time to process the last week, it’s also the opportunity to set intentions, goals, and adjust to the various energies surrounding me that week. My weekly resets feel like that page turn between the last page of a chapter into the first page of a new chapter. It’s restorative, allows me to tie up loose ends from the past week, and start tackling the next week with strength and ease.

Of course, each week is different. In my reset, there are things that I prioritize every single week and ensure that I can do, such as my weekly reflection and planning my week. My reset rests in a list in my Notion where I can check it off each week, and when I start my Sunday, I go through the list to check off things that I don’t need to do or have the means to do so that day (like cleaning my room, that can happen at another time or can miss a week). The things I do every single week are the things that DEFINE and SHAPE what my week will look like and that really help me bring in my positive energies to carry me.

Let’s look at my reset checklist:

You’ll see that it has some really minor things on it, like cleaning my Apple Watch band or cleaning my retainers that don’t really make an impact on the way I feel each week. These are the things that I do not have to do on daily basis, but they are things that should be done at some point for hygienic purposes, making Sunday/my reset day the perfect time to get them done. The beauty of the 14 things on my reset list are that they can be an all-day ordeal or they can just be things that take up 2-3 hours in my morning or evening.

As I mentioned, this reset list has changed over time as my needs and interests have changed, and it will probably change again going into the New Year after establishing new goals. So, when you sit down to start working on your reset, ask yourself these questions: what can I do to help bring good energies into my week? what do I need to reset and digest from the past week? what things do I not have time for in the week but should do on my reset day? what more can I do to fill my cup? These questions should help you brainstorm your list, and as you go through your resets, you can adjust as necessary.

I hope you found yourself inspired to bring a weekly reset into your habit list, and I hope it brings a bit more positivity into your week. Let me know how your reset goes! Don’t forget to stay vibin!

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