What to do when life turns to poop

(Picture: Loomis, California by Kyla Alexandre)

Sometimes life says “Screw you” and turns itself off its axis. It happens to all of us and it is complete doo doo. Today I am going to talk you through ways of trying to turn your life back on its axis or at least try to.

Rearrange your plans and make time for a few days to do things you love. For me, that would be doing my nails, watching a rom-com or a Christmas movie, having a day of self-care, reading a book, and so much more. I’m not saying to do this all in one day, so spread it out through a few days and do at least one thing a day over a few days. Prioritize yourself, that’s what I am trying to say. If you put yourself first, you will be able to learn about yourself and allow yourself to work towards a better headspace. We allow ourselves to get so consumed into our work, our relationships, our issues, and everything in between. Set your consumption of other things aside and turn it into something for you. It allows you to focus on you and rebuild yourself on the inside and out. 

Pick up a new hobby. At times of life turning upside down, I find that putting your heart and soul into something new distracts you and allows you to grow at the same time. If there is something you have always wanted to learn how to do, now is the time to do it. When you do something that you are passionate about, it puts you in a position of growth and development. My whole strategy with this comes from wanting to change and grow from your twist in life. We all grow from dealing with the hardships in our lives and finding new things about ourselves is the best way to do it. 

Track your journey. The day your life goes downhill, write down how you feel and what you are going to do next. From there, every few days, or every day, update how you feel. This works for a few reasons. One, it allows you to write your thoughts and see how you feel, which is incredibly cathartic. Two, it allows you to look back and see that you really can get through whatever life throws at you. Being able to have physical evidence of your growth in your life is such a cool feeling because it’s like a growth map of your past.

Remember to be patient. Healing and recovery take a decent amount of time. You have to let yourself go through the motions of whatever life is putting you through. It’s a waiting game. I know for a fact that I hate change and I am not the only one who does. I am also incredibly impatient, so this is the hardest step. Whatever change you are going through, you have to simply let it happen. It’s okay if it sucks, but it gets better. 

No matter what you are dealing with, it will always get better. I am always available to talk through emails or social media. Stay strong and hang in there, I promise it gets better. Don’t forget to stay vibin! 



  1. Great article and I wish you good vibes haha

  2. I see evidence that you practice what you preach. You are dealing with poop and doing the things you described in the post. Keep positive vibing.

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