What is the Law of Attraction?

*I am starting a new series about the Law of Attraction. What is it you may ask? Well stick with this series and find out. This whole series is supposed to not only explain what it is but also discuss my journey on using the law of attraction in my life.

Now I know you may be wondering: What is the law of attraction? No, it isn’t some rule involving chemistry. It has everything to do with good vibes, positivity, and karma. In short, the Law of Attraction is the act of sending out your thoughts and emotions and attracting back more of what you have put out. If that made zero sense, because now that I am reading it, it sounds confusing, let me put it this way. It is all karma. If you put out positivity and love, life will give you back positivity and love, whereas if you put out negativity and hate you will get back negativity and hate. It is a hard concept to grasp at first but once you learn more about it the concept will make more sense and you will feel more aware of yourself and how you let the LoA affect your life.

It was said that it was a method first taught hundreds of years ago by the man known as the immoral buddha. He taught the saying ‘What you become is what you have thought’ again basically saying: KARMA. The LoA focuses on good karma and surrounding yourself in a whole lot of positivity. I have noticed that naturally, we focus on negativity, rather than focusing on the positivity, after all, there are more positives in this world than negatives even if you may not realize it. The LoA makes you set goals, that are realistic, and establish what you want out of your life but it also makes you reach it.

I want to start incorporating LoA into my daily life and if you would like to do the same, you can click this link and learn more about it. Stay tuned for the next part of accomplishing the use of LoA. Don’t forget to stay vibing!


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