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Dear reader, new or old,

Welcome to the new Get Aloha Spirit! You will notice there have been quite a few changes. We have a new look, a new logo, and soon new content. So…why did I do this? You have heard me say this, and you will continue to hear me say this as I am a firm believer in it: we all change and grow. I have changed and grown quite a bit since I started this website almost four years ago, therefore my relationship with this website has changed. In all honesty, it wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I lost a lot of the love I used to have for it and I was not pleased with how I was going about my content.

This is a chance for me to teach a lesson. Just because we change and grow, does not mean we have to throw out those things that no longer mold with our newly changed self. It’s the same in all relationships: sometimes you can communicate with the person and make necessary changes to adapt to all sorts of things or they no longer serve you and you part ways. I’m far too attached to this little world I have created to get rid of it, as it serves me, and hopefully you, in more ways than I can count. That meant that I had to sit back and reevaluate what I was doing with this website and what I wanted to do with it in the future.

After finishing my finals, I spent the first month or so drafting new color schemes, fonts, content ideas, and ways I would present all of these things to you. I knew I still wanted this site to feel like a personal dialogue, a conversation between me and you. But some things HAD to change.

Starting with the look, the original look of this website no longer serves me. The colors were too bright and it felt very chaotic and cluttered, hence the new, more minimal look. I also wanted to use this rebrand to hone in on my photography and photo enhancement skills, which is why the pictures will all follow a theme and aesthetic of sorts. I want this site to be more cohesive, not forcing myself into a look but keeping the site crisp and clean. I didn’t want to limit myself with the form of content I create, so every time I post there may be a podcast, a blog post, a photo gallery, or anything that fits the story I am trying to tell. My goal is to still spread positivity, but I found that the topics I was talking about weren’t exactly hitting the mark for me. I believe I can still bring light and positivity into my content without necessarily saying “do this to be positive” or “here are ways to be positive.” To me and in my life, positivity derives from travel, productivity, planning, learning, etc. In order to really enjoy the content I am putting out, I will shift it towards the things that I enjoy writing about, and hopefully, you will enjoy reading. I will also redirect where I am publishing these things. In recent months, I’ve grown an extreme dislike for Instagram and a fond love for Pinterest. You will see me spending more time publishing pretty pins to feast your eyes on, and spending much less time uploading on Instagram. I’m not quite sure how to explain how I will be handling that, but you will just have to see as I figure it all out. Finally, you will also note a new tagline “Welcome to our little positive corner on the internet! Get cozy and stay awhile…” which I believe fits my intention a lot more than the original and hopefully makes you feel a bit more at home.

With that, welcome to our newly improved positive little corner on the internet! I hope you stick around, get comfortable, and hang out with me as we go through this crazy world together.

And of course, don’t forget to stay vibin!



 Where you can reach me:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getalohaspirit/

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Email: kyla@getalohaspirit.com

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