Ways to Get Out of a Slump

I’m going to be 100% honest with you and say that I have been in a slump the past week or so, hence why there was not a post two weeks ago. I have been in a slump, which typically happens when I am on emotional and/or stress overload. The past few weeks, I have felt every emotion, good and bad, I could physically feel, on top of the stress that comes with school. At the end of the week, I was tired of feeling confused and slumped so I sat back and evaluated everything I felt and created a plan of attack. Here is what I came up with, for those of you in a slump:

  1. Step back and assess the situation. This is something that I do whenever I feel any panic or stress. This is when I make my trusty lists and write down all that I am feeling. I know some people have different methods of coping, but make a list. It allows you to see everything clearly. The cool part of lists and you can make them as customizable as you want.  
  2. Once you have assessed the situation, it is time to create a plan of attack. You need to pinpoint the issue or issues that are causing this slump. On that list you made, make a note of the most prevalent issues. This will give you some clarity in knowing what you need to do to change your mindset.
  3. This is when you now have to do things to get inspired. Do something that sparks some creativity within you and allows you to channel good energy into everything you are doing. That switch in energy will allow you to focus on what you need to do to target the ways to get out of your slump.
  4. Go tackle that list. There are so many different ways to solve so many different types of issues, so this one is open for your own personal interpretations. There is not a way for me to tell you exactly how to remove yourself from a slump because we all respond and resolve our issues differently, so take this as an outline where you can fill in the blanks.

I know slumps suck, but you have to want to change your ways in order to get out of the slump. You cannot just sit around and hope that things fix themselves because it is on you to make a change. Don’t forget to stay vibing!

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