Ways to Change Your Mindset

There are certain moments in our day that has a positive or negative impact on your day, and there are some points where that impact (mostly the negative) will last for a long time. When you are in your negative mindset, it is harder to be driven and carry on with your day to day life with a positive attitude. Here are my tips and tricks to changing your mindset:

  • Journaling is something that I have relied on a lot lately. When I feel down in the dumps, I whip out a journal and write down all that I’m feeling. Once I get all of my thoughts on paper, I write the goals that I have and the ways I could change my mindset. Once written down, I can use what I thought of and take those steps to change my mindset.
  • You have to want to change your mindset. If you truly do not want to change how you feel, then it won’t happen. You have to want it in order for it to happen. You also have to realize that it won’t happen overnight, therefore if you do not want your mindset to change, then you will not have the motivation to fight for that change.
  • Cut out the negativity. You do not need negativity surrounding you taking away from your journey to becoming positive. Some of the negativity around you could come from people or from your own way of thinking. Your negative thinking can prevent you from embracing a positive mindset.
  • Do something that makes you happy and feels good. If you do something good for your soul, I guarantee that it will make you feel so much better. The coolest part of doing something good for your soul is you can define it in whatever way you want. It could be an activity or thing that you find rewarding. If it makes you happy, then go for it.
  • Listen to a playlist or song that makes you happy and/or feel good. It will entirely change the energy within you and get you to feel positive. Sometimes you have to hear a really good song to get you in the right mindset.

I hope these tips make a difference in your mindset. Don’t forget to stay vibin!


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