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For me, TV is a huge escape. It allows me to escape the world for a little bit. I have binged a lot of shows in my time, and today I am going to list all of my favorite shows that I recommend for your viewing.

  1. Gilmore girls, my favorite show. This show is a feel-good and a show that makes me feel better when times get rough. It is a show that follows a mother/daughter duo throughout the daughter’s sophomore year of high school to the end of college. At some points, the plot does slow down a little bit, but as the show goes on it speeds up and you can’t help but become invested. The way I have managed to watch this show about 10 times (I am not kidding about that one) is from watching on Netflix. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of a bit of happiness and girl power. 
  2. Coupling, this one is a new one that I’ve been watching. If you were a fan of Friends then you would enjoy Coupling. It follows a similar concept to Friends except it is British and a lot raunchier, so I warn for viewer discretion. This show gives me a good laugh when I need it. This is one of the shows that I’ll put on in the background while I clean or while I’m getting ready. All four seasons are on Amazon Prime Instant Video, I highly recommend giving it a watch.
  3. The Great British Baking Show, I have an unnatural obsession with British television. This is my favorite things all rolled into one: British television, baking, and a wee bit of comedy. I am a sucker for a good baking show, and this is one of them. The franchise itself is competitive yet full of sportsmanship. Contestants help each other out when they have already finished and someone is in need of help, it makes me so happy. Along with the show itself, there are a few other shows in the franchise such as holiday specials, masterclasses, and beginners on Netflix. All of them bring me plenty of contentment. I cannot express how much love I have for this show.
  4. Dynasty, for those of you who grew up with Victorious, you will get a kick out of this show. Liz Gillies, who played Jade West, takes on a new role as an incredibly headstrong young woman trying to navigate intense family drama and become a powerhouse businesswoman. I absolutely adore this show. I’m always on the edge of my seat and who doesn’t love a strong female lead. I do advise some viewer discretion on this show as well, but I do highly recommend it. You can view it on Netflix and the newest season is live on the CW.
  5. The Crown, are you surprised? Yet ANOTHER British TV show. This Netflix original took me a little bit to get into but once I got into it, it was a whole different experience. It may be dramatized, but I have learned a little bit about the royal family. I am fascinated by it. If you are into drama and royalty I would give the show a watch. The episodes are long and it does take a little bit of time to get into, but in the end, it is worth it. 

I have a lot more TV shows I could go on and on about, but I hope this will hold you over if you are in need of some new TV shows to binge. I am always looking for new shows to watch, so if you have any recommendations send them my way. As always, don’t forget to stay vibin!

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