The Importance of Not Talking

(Picture: Nördlingen, Germany by Kyla Alexandre)

With all of the focus I have put on myself recently, I have been thinking a lot recently. In this hiatus, I got a really bad cold with laryngitis which meant I could not talk for a few days. For those of you who know me, I talk a lot so this was a difficult yet eye-opening time for me. Not talking forces you to simply observe the world. Sometimes we have to take a step back and see what is going on around us. 

At this time, I got to learn about the people around me. Not in the way that you simply hear people talking about things they are interested in, but you get to learn about their mannerisms. You get to see deeper into the people you have known for years. You see how they react to drama or how they express themselves in the emotions that they are feeling. It also forces you to think more thoroughly. You get to think through your thoughts instead of letting them fly by. It is a very meditative process. A lot of power comes from not talking and even more power comes from listening. Listening gives you a chance to dig deeper and learn more about the things surrounding you. The more you listen, the more you know. You can attain more information and that information grows on itself.  Knowledge is power. Take a step back every once and a while and just listen. Things become lighter and more open when you listen. 

With the current climate of the world, it is hard to be around people at the moment but you can still apply listening at home. Simply listening to the current events and processing everything that happens will allow you to develop a stronger understanding. Simply listening to podcasts, the news, and other things open your eyes to other perspectives. In discussion, sometimes it is more valuable to listen. Take in everything you can and then process it the best you can in order to formulate your own opinion. Human beings thrive off of knowledge, after all it is how we grow. I challenge you to take a day and simply listen to whatever happens around you and at the end of the day, write down your thoughts and observations. Make note of all of your changes in perspective. I hope you learn something new and don’t forget to stay vibin!


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