The Importance of Always Learning

Picture: Tulips in FILOLI Gardens

As you know, October is learning month and all of my posts this month are featured on learning. For this month’s posts, click here! Today’s post talks about something I will ALWAYS stand by: learning is important no matter your age.

I think no matter where you are in life, you should never stop learning. Learning comes in so many different forms, not just in school. Naturally, we learn when we make happy accidents or when we try something new, but learning also comes from the desire to explore. Humans are inherently curious, just curious about different things. We all have interests and those interests teach us things. You learn how to skateboard, then become really passionate about it and learn the history of skateboarding, then learn about the greats, etc. In college, I’m pursuing a recreation and leisure degree, and one of the first things that I learned it leisure is ESSENTIAL to our health and wellbeing, and one can argue that learning is in fact leisure. For most, we associate learning with school and do not think school provides that much leisure, which is justifiable. BUT I would also argue that learning that isn’t tied to the stress of school is very much leisure. For example, learning while traveling (which was my last post) creates a very leisurely experience for me. I should note that we all define leisure differently, but I see leisure as something that brings us joy outside of the normal bounds of responsibility our lives keep us in.

Learning does not have to be sitting curled up with a book about philosophy (unless you’re like me and get great joy from reading thoughts on how the world should function from those before us), it can be learning new things, hobbies, or activities, it can be googling those random questions that pop into our head (like “who’s that actor from that movie?” or “why do seasons change?” or “how to bake the perfect cake?”). If you are remotely curious about something, if you actively keep your mind engaged in things and keep your mind active, your life will improve dramatically.

We fall into this robotic routine of feeling like all we can do is work and that’s it, but if we bring little bits of the things we are passionate about into our lives, then we add some flare and joy into what could be mundane. One of my favorite ways is to incorporate learning into my daily life comes through hobbies and interests. An example of this is my mom. My mom is one of the hardest working people I know, she and I both have the tendency to work a little too much, but she used the pandemic to embrace the importance of balance. On top of starting her own business that derived from her passion project (just like I did through this website), she and I also spent time on Masterclass and learned about interior design and gardening. These videos (and platforms like it) allowed us to explore shared interests and also bring them into our lives. Both my parents, but my mom especially, spend a lot of time outdoors in the garden. It brings my mom peace. From that gardening Masterclass, she used what she learned to further her skills as a gardener, enhancing her leisure experience and her mind all in one (and also providing yummy veggies to have in our meals). (Editing Kyla note: I was feeling a bit homesick in college when I sat to write this so I figured Momma was a good example to use and I still stand by that haha) This idea applies to so many different things in our lives. Learning adds value, an intrinsic value that we see and feel internally.

You can Google, look on Pinterest, search on Youtube, even Netflix, and so many other sources that allow you to learn something at your own rate, in your own time, and at your own leisure. I’ve spent the past year working on learning French. While I practice every day through various learning tools, I have found that even watching shows in French aids my learning AND my leisure. I get to have time to relax while still learning something new about the language I desire to be fluent in.

The moral of today’s post: never stop learning. If you are passionate about it, keep letting it fuel you. There is no wrong way to learn something. It doesn’t have to be school, it can actually be fun. Just find something that makes you feel excited and roll with it. And of course, don’t forget to stay vibin!

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