LGAS S. 1 E. 4: The Best Advice I Have Ever Been Given

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Throughout my eighteen years of existence, I have received various forms of advice, and today I am going to share some of them with you. I have been so fortunate to interact with so many different types of people who have all played very important parts in guiding me to be a strong and independent young woman. Some of these pieces of advice also come from social media or even things I’ve learned on my own. These pieces of advice range from a variety of different parts of life, so I hope you can utilize at least one of them. If you remember to be mindful of these things, you already improve your life.

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How to Maintain a Positive Lifestyle

Picture: Half Moon Bay, California by Kyla Alexandre 

I would say that I am a fairly positive person, but how? Life naturally has its ups and downs, so how can one go through all of that and still be positive? Well, that is what I am going to talk about today. 

There is a misconception that living a positive lifestyle means you are happy all the time, which I can say is not always true. Living a positive lifestyle means understanding that even when life turns to poop, you still see it through and know it will get better, or finding the good in every situation. 

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What to Do When You Need to Pause

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There are times in our life where everything feels like it is moving 150 mph and there’s no way to stop that overwhelming sensation. Today I am going to share how to know you need a break and take the steps you need to get your head back into the right space. 

First things first, when are you in a state that tells you that you need a break? Well, let me tell you. There are a few things you should make note of when you are evaluating how you feel. If you feel like you have lost control of what is happening around you, or you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and/or other negative emotions. Sometimes we take in too much at once and not even realize it. This typically means you need to take a step back and take a break. So how do you take a pause when there, unfortunately, is not a pause button for your life? 

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The Importance of Not Talking

(Picture: Nördlingen, Germany by Kyla Alexandre)

With all of the focus I have put on myself recently, I have been thinking a lot recently. In this hiatus, I got a really bad cold with laryngitis which meant I could not talk for a few days. For those of you who know me, I talk a lot so this was a difficult yet eye-opening time for me. Not talking forces you to simply observe the world. Sometimes we have to take a step back and see what is going on around us. 

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The Importance of Habits

(Picture: Lima, Peru by Kyla Alexandre) 

As the new year comes around, people start making resolutions that only last a few weeks. I have a few things to say about this… 1) who said the new year was the time to make changes? Why can’t you do it at any time? 2)The reason why they fall through so quickly is the flawed system behind maintaining these new changes. So, how does one change their life and create new habits effectively? Well, I am going to tell you. But first, I have to give credit to the person who inspired this article. I will link the podcast, done by one of my biggest inspirations (Kalyn Nicholson), that inspired this.

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The Best Christmas Albums

(Picture: Folsom, California by Kyla Alexandre)

The holiday season is my favorite time of year for many reasons, and one of those reasons comes from my adoration for Christmas music. In order to help you get into the Christmas spirit, I will be sharing my favorite Christmas albums that bring me into my own winter wonderland. Before I hop into my favorites, I want to share my best playlists I have, which are… you guessed it… Christmas playlists. I have two: Jingle Bell Bops and Jingle and Jazz. Enjoy!

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How to Cancel Out Others Negativity

(Picture: Flowers somewhere in California by Kyla Alexandre)

No matter how positive you are, there will always be someone or something that kills your vibe with all of their negativity. This is something that we all deal with on a regular basis. I have had my fair share of vibe killers in the past few years, so here are my tips in tricks to counteract all of the unwanted negativity.

First things first, determine how bad this negative energy is, this allows you to determine how and where you will put your energy. You have to determine if it is worth channeling any of YOUR energy into that person or thing. Ask yourself: Can I ignore it? If there is a person killing your vibe, first take a breath. Remember that there is no point in combating someone’s negativity with your negativity. Do everything you can to smile and move on. If the negative energy is just too powerful, turn to the individual and say: “I know you may see this situation differently, but it is really negative and I do not want to be around it,” or something along those lines.

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Happy Fall Y’all

(Picture: A cafe in San Luis Obispo, California by Kyla Alexandre)

It is officially one of my favorite times of year… in two days. Unfortunately, California takes a long time to actually get the memo and cool down, but we have had a few days in the 80s so I think Cali is trying. It is that time of year where the cozy warm tones overwhelm (in a good way) clothing racks, nail polishes, and decor. It is the time where even though it is getting cold, warmth surrounds us. It is the time to light candles, wrap up in a blanket, make hot cocoa, and channel the best cozy vibes. To get those cozy vibes going, here is my fall playlist that I use to urge mother nature to change to fall. Let the good vibes come and the coziness flourish. This fall, find a new pumpkin patch, a new orchard to hang out in, or read new books in a fuzzy blanket. If you do anything fun this fall, tag me in pictures on @getalohaspirit. Have a good fall season and don’t forget to stay vibin!


The Music I’ve Been Loving Part 2

(Picture: The sky somewhere in California by Kyla Alexandre)

If you haven’t checked out part one, do that first. I will give this spiel again, I listen to a lot of music, a lot more than the average individual, so I want to share some of my favorite music with you. If you want to see more of what I listen to in a wider span, check out my Apple Music. If you have not read part one, you will have absolutely no clue how I rate/talk about music, so here’s the list of words I use to describe music:

  1. Bops- the songs that make you want to dance hardcore and move and feel the music 
  2. Jams- the distant cousin of the bop, makes you want to dance but in a more chill manner
  3. Vibe- this word shouldn’t be a surprise. I can define this through a feeling: the feeling of driving with the windows down on a backroad without a care in the world

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