My First Year Of College

Picture: My college announcement pictures by my parents 🙂

When I created this document months ago in hopes to sit down and reflect on my college experience as I was going through it, I had no idea the world would shut down and I would be experiencing my first year of college six hours away from my school. I wanted to create this post in hopes to share things I have noticed, done, and learned in the past few months, but now it also acts as a time capsule, capturing such an odd time in the world so others can view it in a few years to see what we went through and how the world has changed. Nonetheless, I still find myself making the most out of the situation and trying to live my best college life as best as I can while following safety guidelines. 

I hope this post allows those of you in college to connect the experiences that we have all shared, allows those of you gearing up for college to learn a thing or two about navigating college life, and allows those of you who finished to look upon what it means to be a college student in 2020 during a pandemic. 

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Things to Remember When Traveling/Planning a Trip

(Picture: Lisbon, Portugal by Kyla Alexandre)

I have been so lucky to be able to travel as much as I do and over the years I have picked up a few tips and tricks that make traveling a whole lot smoother and a better experience for everyone involved. Traveling, no matter where you go, allows you to see the world in an entirely different light. What you see changes your perspective of the world and allows you to become an anthropologist and understand the people and the culture of where you are at. Enjoy these tips to make your adventures magical. 

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Herbs, Herbs… Oh and More Herbs

Aromatherapy is one of my go-to cures for a lot of my problems… well not all of them but you get my point. Here are some herbal remedies, just for you.

  • Lavender-

I like to put lavender essential oil on my wrists or in my diffuser. Lavender is a very powerful herb. Lavender aids in relieving stress and calming you down. It stimulates the ability to think clearly. I love to use lavender when I am stressed, especially while I study for finals. It is my favorite way to destress from the craziness of finals, as well as give me a chance to think clearly and absorb all of the knowledge my brain can hold. Lavender bath salts are also amazing. Putting bath salts into a steaming bath is great because the steam and the aroma from the salts are two ways to relieve stress and clear your head. The steam and warmth from the bath are so relaxing and the aromatherapy…well, I already told you about that one. One more thing, there is such a thing as lavender tea. It has the same benefits of the aromatherapy; relieving stress, calming the mind, and it is delicious. It is my mom and I’s favorite.

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Yoga For Anxiety and Depression

This article is brought to you by Rachel Stagnaro who runs Zen Kids Yoga in Washington. Follow her on Instagram and view her website for more information. Keep an eye out for the other three articles in her series

Since the 1970s, meditation and other stress-reduction techniques have been studied as possible treatments for depression and anxiety. It’s only recent that yoga has been included in these studies, as an effective stress management technique. Recently Harvard Medicine did a study and found that yoga can help:

  • reduce the impact of stress
  • help with anxiety and depression
  • be a self-soothing technique similar to meditation, relaxation, and exercise
  • improve energy

Yoga is powerful in the treatment of depression because of three reasons: meditation, exercise, and breath.  Meditation helps bring a person into the present moment and allows them to clear their minds. Exercise releases endorphins (those happy hormones) and these controlled, focused movements also help strengthen the body-mind connection. And breathing exercises help to calm the mind and reverse your body’s stress response.

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How to be spontaneous

I have not been the most adventurous when it comes to doing things unplanned, this is due to me being a planner and feeling the need to know everything that is going on. I have gotten a lot better at living in the moment and being spontaneous, and today I am going to share my ways of becoming more spontaneous.

  • I find that Pinterest is my cure for everything (there it is again). I search up certain words such as adventure, wanderlust, and travel, and I use that for inspiration. The inspiration I get from those pins is used to determine where I want to go and what I want to do.
  • Say yes more often. If a friend asks to go spend the day at the beach and you have 10 minutes to get ready and go, say yes. It’s the beach, you can’t pass that up. I find that saying yes forces you to commit and follow through, therefore you HAVE to be spontaneous. Of course, there have to be limits on saying yes, if safety is an issue I would say no.

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