Spring Has Sprung

(Picture: Pismo Beach, California by Kyla Alexandre)

The blue sky is making its crawl across the sky, letting the sun peak through and spread its essence over the world. Flowers begin to bloom, color washes over the whole world, spring has come. I don’t know about you, but I live for the sun being out. I thrive when I get to go outside and read a book or drink iced tea and be one with nature. It is the time where I hike religiously and I am as happy as one can be. Here are some ways to use this spring season to its fullest potential.

  1. There is a beautiful thing outside called the sun, do what you can outside. I have gone outside with a blanket and my homework, a book, or a journal. Do what you can to soak up some glorious vitamin D. I promise you, it will make you feel happier. Remember to take an allergy pill because allergies this time of year are the worst.
  2. Use this beautiful weather to go on adventures and explore. Look up hiking trails near you, find a cool new place in your area to wander, find fields and picturesque areas to take pictures. The weather is lovely and there are so many lovely things to see, go see them.
  3. Clean! I use the transition from the cold, dull months to the bright, warm months as a way to clean and start fresh. I spend a day going through my closet and my bedroom cleaning out things I no longer use or need, giving me a chance to start fresh.
  4. Use that cleaning to refresh your wardrobe. Put your winter clothes away and bring your warm ones out. My wardrobe makes a full 360. I go from hoodies and leggings to flowy shorts and dresses, it really gets me into that energy that seems to take over in the spring.
  5. Make a playlist. It is the time of year where thoughts of summer flood my brain and that is when I start doing things in preparation for my favorite time of year. I create a playlist that channels the wonderful vibes of spring and summer.

I hope you spring into action with the wonderful vibes spring has brought to the world around us. Don’t forget to stay vibing!

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