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If you’ve been here a while, it’s no secret that I talk about inspiration and being inspired A LOT. To me, being inspired and finding inspiration is a key element to keeping positive and creating that mindset that puts me in a high vibration. It impacts my headspace and shapes how I feel about things, so when I’m feeling blah I can call on my inspiration sources and shift out of that blah feeling. Being inspired funnels into our motivation, drive, outlook on life, and what we do to mold our lives. The cool part about gathering inspiration is there’s no right way to do it or a right place to get it. You can find inspiration all across the internet, in nature, within relationships, in art, in travel, and in ourselves.

I want to share where I source inspiration, and also talk about funneling inspiration into your lives.

My Sources of Inspiration:

I cannot start this conversation without talking about Pinterest. Do you expect anything else from me? Pinterest is my favorite place on the internet, if you haven’t figured that out yet, because it gives me recipes, teaches me things, and so much more but especially INSPIRES ME. Since pulling away from all of my other social media, I find myself spending time on Pinterest, checking it daily. It’s the one place I don’t feel crappy about scrolling because it’s all positive, nothing that can kill my vibe, and I can look for literally anything. There’s also something so soothing about how aesthetically pleasing it all looks like it transports me to a place of prettiness. It’s all good vibes on Pinterest, and I use that to my inspirational advantage. My Pinterest contains so many pins and so many boards, all of which serve a purpose. Of course, as I’ve gotten older, the things that inspire me have shifted over the years. While I can’t really pinpoint exactly what inspires me, as it changes, I find that the pictures that resemble something of what I want my life to look like or who I want to be, which are what I gravitate towards. I have boards like Manifest That Ish, Aesthetic Energy We Love to See, Happy Things, and Travels that really inspire me, and because of those boards, my feed presents things similar to the contents on that board. Inspiration can even come from seeing, and saving, yummy recipes or outfits that inspire me to get up and cook or put on something that makes me feel good. There are even things that pop up on my feed that I may not have known I needed to see, like a quote or study aesthetics, that reminds me of what’s important, give me advice, or bring up something that gets me thinking. Overall, Pinterest is one of my personal favorite inspirational sources.

I could probably talk for hours about my great love for Pinterest, but I should probably move it along. I find a lot of inspiration through manifestation, especially recently. Even though I pull from what I am inspired by (shoutout Pinterest for the visuals) to manifest the life I want, there is something so inspiring about the power one has to bring whatever way it may be. It inspires me to keep my vibration high and to constantly reach for the stars in whatever I want. In a way, I pull inspiration from the sheer fact that I want my life to be high vibe and happy, which stems into manifestation and into other areas of my life.

There’s also a lot of inspiration from my future, or the drive for the future. I’m a naturally driven person, and so the drive to create the life I see in my future inspires me to act now so I can live that life later. Even though this source of inspiration is a bit broader, it’s a great reminder of why I am doing what I am doing now, so future Kyla will thank me. There’s so much of this world that I haven’t seen and there’s so much more I want to learn, which is one of my strongest sources of inspiration. I am inspired by the literature I read, the poems I experience, the movies and shows I watch, the paintings I see, the songs I listen to, the environment I’m surrounded by, it’s all so inspiring. If you wanted to, anything can become an inspiration that motivates you in some way.

Funneling that Inspiration:

I think finding inspiration is a subconscious effort made by our brain to keep us driven to live our lives in the way we want. I think we are naturally drawn to things that spark something beautiful in us, that ignites us to want to do something, whether it is bigger (job, house, etc), or smaller (habits, routines, studying, lifestyle, etc). For example, you find all sorts of inspiration about this certain lifestyle that you really want to have from the internet and you do your deep dive on whatever that may look like. There are two routes you can take: 1) you just let that inspire you and wish you could turn that into reality or 2) you go one step further and make it a reality. You can use your inspiration to create goals, or you can use your goals and gather inspiration to make them happen, either way, just do it. Channel all of that inspirational energy and determine what you want to do to create that life style into a reality (this is when a to do list or journaling sesh can help with that). Channel all of your inspiration and goals, gather more inspiration, and put your plans into action. It won’t happen right away, but developing habits and putting small shifts in your lifestyle will allow you to transform your life gradually to this lifestyle you want to attain.

This logic applies to anything that gives you inspiration to start a change or keep you motivated for whatever it may be.

I hope I’ve inspired you to get inspired (see what I did there ;)) and start working on creating the life YOU want! Stay vibin!

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