My “Hippie” Remedies

I have lots of cures for things that are a wee bit on the natural healing side, or as I like to call it “The Hippie Stuff”. I use lots of at home, natural remedies to manage symptoms and issues and today I am sharing them with you. 

  • Essential Oils- First things first, check out the post about oils because that goes into a lot more depth. I use oils for a variety of things. Peppermint for headaches and backaches, lavender for calming and stress relief, citrus for focus, and so many more. They can be used topically, as an aroma, and some can even be ingested. They are incredibly universal and I highly recommend trying them out and finding out what works for you.
  • Sage and Sandalwood- I burn each of these, although I prefer burning the wood, in each corner of my room or other rooms in the house. This is a cleanse for me. I try to do it every few months, but I try to do it as often as I can. It allows the room to be cleaned out of negative energy and bad vibes in the room. It allows a fresh start to let all of the positivity into the room because no matter how positive someone is, the energy can get dull and not be as positive as it should be. I tend to do this before school starts back up after breaks, after I have done a deep cleaning in my room, or when I feel the need to have a renewal of energy and a fresh start.
  • Chakra crystals- This is a method that I am still trying to dive in to, but it is one that I think is interesting to try. From what I understand, the crystals are a method of finding balance and healing. I have a tree of life necklace that contains all of the chakras and it is absolutely beautiful, so I get to stay in balance while having a pretty accessory. That is all I can really say seeing that I am not entirely sure the extent of what the crystals can do, but if you have any information to share feel free to put that in the comments.
  • Meditation- This is something that I really love when it comes to mental healing because there are so many methods and ways to customize it to the individual. I have a post all about meditation for more information. You can look up lots of ways to meditate for different purposes and heal what is needed. I try to make meditation a habit and do it as often as I can because I find that it is a big help in boosting my mental health.
  • Law of Attraction (or LOA)- This is another mental method I have been exploring for the past few months. The basics of LOA is that you have control over your life: how you feel, how you react, what you get from life, and how you live your life. It is how you send out good vibrations in hopes to get them back in return, thus allowing you to control what the universe gives to you. There are a few videos by Luca Whitacker that explains this all beautifully: click for one, click here for the other

These are some of my “hippie” things that I hope to share with you. I have talked about a lot of these, but this is a summary of the ways you can dive into all of these natural remedies. As always, don’t forget to stay vibin!

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