Meditation: Kyla Style

*Disclaimer: I am nowhere near a meditation specialist, but I am a firm believer in doing whatever works for you, so I am going to explain my “method” of meditation. The whole goal of this is to find a good, comfortable way to do something good for the soul*

A huge part of finding calmness and peace is meditation. From what I have learned from going to a handful of yoga classes, there are two main types; 1) the meditation that clears your head from any thoughts 2) the meditation that welcomes your thoughts and allows you to see them and control them in a relaxed manner.

Meditation to me is setting up a peaceful environment (essential oils, dim lights, meditation music, you know the whole shebang) and acknowledging the thoughts that flow through my brain, good or bad. My best advice is to start small. Start with a time where you NEED to relax, where you need a few minutes of peace and serenity, then build up to meditating more frequently. I sit on my floor in my bedroom, where I often find myself solving the world’s problems anyway, with my legs crossed or on my back sprawled out like a starfish. I always have meditation music playing (you can find a lot of playlists, albums, and videos involving meditation music). It does not have words, so you will not have words flowing into your head distracting from your thoughts. Next, I take a deep breath, a deep slow breath that allows me to melt in comfort into my thoughts. In… Out… In… Out… Once you are in a relaxed space, let the thoughts come in. Acknowledge their presence, know that they are there but do not try to solve them or change them. Let them come in. The beautiful thing about meditation is there are not a lot of rules, just boundaries you should acknowledge. Meditation is like a bubble that lasts for those few moments you are at peace, it protects you from every thought springing to your mind. Once you are out of your bubble, you have the ability to see your thoughts clearly and approach them with the calm, cool, and collected method. As long as you remember that bubble, you are good to go. I find meditation a very simple act that you can adjust and turn into something perfectly customizable to your liking and needs. Get started on your meditation journey and if you have any further question tweet/dm me @getalohaspirit on Twitter and Instagram. Start meditating and stay vibing.

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