LGAS S. 1 E. 8: Small Ways to Be More Sustainable

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In the past year, I have really stepped up on my sustainability game because I have become more aware of the importance of working towards saving our environment. The unfortunate thing about sustainable living is that can get a bit pricey, so today I am going to share things that you can do to help out the environment that are simple, easy, and affordable. 

  1. Actively try not to use single-use plastics. This can be doing things such as:
    • Replacing plastic shopping bags with reusable bags.
    • Getting reusable zip-lock bags.
    • Eliminating the use of plastic water bottles (reusable ones save you so much money and are better for your health).
    • Trying to use products that come in glass/other recyclable materials (for example: The Ordinary serums come in glass bottles which can be repurposed or recycled after use).
    • Bring your own cups to coffee shops or make your own drinks at home. If you go to Starbucks or other coffee shops regularly, you’d want to bring a reusable cup for your drinks (I think you get a discount too). If you want to go a step further, just make your own drinks at home, which saves you money. 
    • Use metal/silicone/reusable straws (the amount of straws I have in various places around my house is crazy)
    • Avoid styrofoam/take out/plastic silverware 
    • There are so many others, but these are a few to start doing
  2. Go thrifting. The past few months have been very eye-opening in terms of learning about how bad fast fashion is for the environment. Buying sustainable fashion can get very expensive, so going second hand/thrifting is your best option. There are so many websites like Poshmark, thread up, and depop where you can find a lot of cool stuff second hand and cheaper than their normal retail. If you do your research, you will find that it’s not that hard to be sustainable with fashion. Here’s a blog post I found about someone’s fast fashion journey. I recommend reading it if you want to get started. There is also a website called Good On You that tells you whether or not a brand or clothing is ethical and sustainable.   
  3. Take shorter showers. This is the hardest one for me because I love showers, but once I became aware of how much water goes to waste, I snap into reality and take as quick of a shower as possible. Or you can turn off the water while you’re soaping up/shampooing/anything that really doesn’t require water. 
  4. Limit carbon emissions. This can be walking or biking to some places or carpooling with people. If you’re all going to the same place, save gas, reduce emissions, and have a good bonding moment with whoever is in the car with you.
  5. Use ecosia. This is a web browser that plants trees every time you search. We can never have too many trees. It’s completely free and functions just like Google. We all use the internet every day, so might as well make this simple change.

I am going to leave you with these tips for now. If you have any, let me know! Remember to take care of our home and of course, don’t forget to stay vibin!   

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