LGAS S.1 E. 3: Small Ways You Can Boost Your Mood

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Sometimes we hit a slump where maybe we aren’t totally happy but not totally sad or somedays your energy is simply just off. Today I am sharing a few things you can do to boost your mood and pull you out of that rough patch. Some of these are quick and easy others may take a little bit of time, but no matter what you should focus on doing what you can to boost your mood. 

*there are so many more but here are the ones I could think of when I sat down to make this list*

  • Read a chapter of a book or more or less

Books take you places and sometimes it takes a little bit of a disconnect to get you out of a bad mood.      

  • Aromatherapy

Good smells make you happy, whether it is candles, essential oils, or other scent producing things, it can make you feel a whole lot better.

  • Watch some of your favorite TV show

Just like books, TV shows can give you that opportunity to disconnect from the world for a bit.

  • Make a list of EVERYTHING that makes you happy (or look back on that list if you already have one)

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of the things that make us happy. The thought of those things can flip how you feel.

  • Lay on the floor and listen to music

You don’t have to be as dramatic as I am, but laying on the floor does do wonders to your mental state. Music is therapy. If you want to listen to some of my music, you can follow my Apple Music.

  • Or a podcast

Podcasts are another escape. Listening to someone talk about something you are interested in or you like can boost your mood. Some podcasts can also make you feel more productive. Search around, there is literally a podcast out there for everyone.

  • Go on a walk or do literally anything physical to get your blood pumping

If I don’t start my day with a workout, my energy is always off. A light walk can also boost your mood. Anything that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping can make you feel a whole lot better.

  • Call a friend or someone you miss

Even if you say you don’t like people (like me), talking to someone about their day or their life or your day or your life gives you the opportunity to talk to someone you really like which will always make you happy.

  • Doodle, paint, write or something that lets out creative energy

I find that creating someone is a great way to express yourself. Art is therapeutic and it has the ability to change your mood. I fall back on this one a lot even though I can’t paint to save my life. 

  • Journal (probably not surprised by this one) and get the bad gunk out of your head or create a fun spread in it 

Journaling can also fall into letting out some of that creative energy. It gets thoughts out of your head or you can make a really satisfying spread that makes you feel happier and/or increases your productivity. 

  • I bet you’re totally shocked by this one… get lost on Pinterest 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a Pinterest addict. You can get lost looking at aesthetically pleasing things, which is a mood booster, or you can get inspired by quotes.

  • Watch cute animal videos

Animals are cute and fun and make my world go round. In the podcast episode, I mentioned the Georgia Aquarium webcams where you can check out all of the cool exhibits from your home. 

  • Take a social media/phone break for an hour or day… depends on what you need

Social media can get really negative and sometimes we need a break from it. You deserve to take breaks from something that doesn’t exactly make you happy. Social media can wear you down because of its false perceptions and negativity, so giving yourself a moment to unplug might make you feel better.

  • Clean/ organize something 

Sometimes we have clutter, it happens to the best of us. That clutter might nag at your brain and no one needs that. So turn up some good tunes and organize or clean whatever space is bugging you. Or you are like me and have a clean space but have a habit of stress cleaning so you clean and organize just because you can…

  • Browse online… I said browse unless you’re willing to spend money. Most times I’m not, I just like looking

Looking at cool things can make you happy so favoriting some cool clothes or room decor might not be a bad thing or you can take the plunge and actually purchase it. No matter how you do it, browsing the internet can be quite therapeutic.

  • Eat or drink something yummy

When we consume something that tastes good, it makes us happy. It can be something small like making yourself a nice cup of coffee or treating yourself to a pastry. No matter what it is, eating good food or drinking a yummy beverage can give you a little pep in your step.

  • Bake or cook something

The reasoning is similar in this one. Baking and cooking is a therapy for me and it feels good to not only create something but also consume something yummy. It’s a lot of fun to just let go and create a delicious masterpiece. 

  • Go on a drive

Sometimes you just need to get out of your space (or out of your head). I love going on drives, especially in quarantine. I find that having an escape allows me to decompress for a little bit and put myself back in check.

  • Check your horoscope, maybe the planets made you feel like this

If you’re into astrology, try this. Sometimes the way the solar system is aligned messes with your energy. This is when you check CoStar and figure out what’s going on. Then you can use that breakdown and use the tips I’m sharing with you to combat it.

  • Revamp a routine/part of your day

Sometimes little changes pull us out of slumps. It’s possible that you are bored with how repetitive certain things are, so switch up your morning routine, or how you do your makeup, or try new skincare. Make small changes that switch up repetitiveness. 

  • Plan a trip somewhere (for when we can travel)

It’s cool to plan something that gets you excited. Excitement makes you happy, so do some research and create an itinerary for a trip you can go on once it is safe. It can be anything from a road trip, to a weekend getaway, to a trip out of the country/state, or a day trip.

  • Give someone a hug (SAFELY PLEASE)

Hugs work both ways. Giving and receiving hugs make everyone involved feel good. So go give someone you are quarantining with a hug and boost both of your moods.

  • Unfollow people on social media/cleanout phone

This is a follow up for number 13. Some people you are following may no longer serve you, so find and follow people that inspire you and make you feel good. 

  • Take a power nap (30-45 min for most productive)

A nap is a good reset. Letting your mind shut down and rest makes a huge difference in how you feel as well as your productivity. 

  • Shameless plug but check out my site for other positive/mood-boosting things

My website is all about encouraging good energy, so explore and find something that inspires you or makes you happy. I have a wide variety of content. 

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I hope you do a few of these the next time you don’t feel 100%. Remember to spread positivity and don’t forget to stay vibin!


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