LGAS S. 1 E. 14: A Shallow Dive Into Astrology

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*I go over the astrology basics in today’s episode, at the bottom of this post I have a PDF of all of the information I covered as well as a few sources I use for astrology. Enjoy!*

*Also…This is the last episode of season one of the Let’s Get Aloha Spirit podcast. I decided to remove the fifteenth episode. I hope you have enjoyed what I’ve created so far!!*

I absolutely love astrology and I dove even deeper into it this past summer in quarantine. I have always had an interest in it, which is a byproduct of my love for anything involving the sky, but it was always the super simple and generic horoscopes about my sun sign. I found a book at a used book store that dove into the science of all things astrology (this book holds a lot of information and is one I will definitely re-read multiple times because it’s a wee bit complex). This book goes into great detail about the meaning of all placements in the astrological charts. It explains why and how certain alignments happen and how birth charts come to be. I would offer to explain it all to you, but I barely understand it myself. Once you start researching, you dive into finding all of these connections, and how they impact who you are, how you react, and so much more. I started taking notes about what everything in my chart meant and how they were impacted by various celestial bodies but the notes got really really long to the point where it was impossible to read. 

Once you go beyond simply “what’s my sun sign,” a whole world of knowledge opens. I use astrology in the same way we use love languages. We use love languages to determine how we like to show and give love, allowing us to learn about ourselves in relationships, and I use astrology to learn about myself. Not as a way to justify certain traits, but as a way to understand why they are there and how I can transform them into something positive. Or I can use other   people’s charts to understand more about them on an emotional level. The more you dive into your chart, the more you unlock and learn. 

I will dive into my birth chart (not all of it because I think it’s bad luck to give out all of the information on my chart), but before that, let’s go over the basics. 

Your sun sign controls your ego, identity, and role in your life. For most people, this is your core and you thoroughly identify with it, but you may not fully align with everything your sign says (you could be a cusp or your moon, rising, and other traits impact each other).

Your moon sign controls your subconscious, and how you respond. This impacts your emotions and how you react to those emotions internally.

Your rising/ascendant is how you come off to others/your first impression to those who meet you.

Mercury impacts communication (hence why we all go crazy when it’s in retrograde), therefore it impacts your mentality and how you communicate, your nerves and senses, and your mind.

Venus rules love and impacts our receptiveness, intake, harmony, values, and how we love.

Mars rules our actions. It impacts our self-projection, ambition, impulse, and aggression.

Jupiter rules expansion and impacts our spirit, how we assimilate, and how we compensate. 

Saturn rules structure and impacts form, responsibility, protection, and limitation.  

Uranus rules change and therefore impacts our breakthroughs, new energies, and transformations.

Neptune rules integration and impacts who we are beyond the individual, our obligation, and loss of distinction. 

Pluto rules transition and impacts cycles, power sources, compulsion, and life-death-rebirth.

Each of these placements also lies in houses. This makes it a bit more complicated. Let’s talk about them…

If something falls into the first house, it impacts personal identity.

If it falls into the second house, it impacts your values.

If it falls into the third house, it impacts your communication. 

Those are all of the traits that impact your consciousness from the start of your life, which leads to the next set of traits that establish your identity.

If it falls into the fourth house, it impacts your roots and psychological foundation 

If it falls into the fifth house, it impacts your creativity, self-expression, romance, play, and art.

If it falls into the sixth house, it impacts your work and service.

The next traits impact your growth through relationships.

If it falls into the seventh house, it impacts your commitments, partnerships, marriages, and how you deal with others.

If it falls into the eighth house, it impacts others’ resources, your sexuality, death, and inheritance.

If it falls into the ninth house, it impacts the expansion of your mind (philosophy, education, journeys, etc.

And finally, the final set of three impacts the evolution of humanity.

If it falls into the tenth house, it impacts your career, ambitions, and status.

If it falls into the eleventh house, it impacts your ideals, groups, friends, and dreams.

And finally, if it’s in your twelfth house, it impacts your inner, spiritual self.

Now let’s touch on a bit of my chart and how I found connections to the chart and myself. 

I heavily resonate with my sun sign, Taurus. According to my notes, Taurus suns are quiet at first, good at sitting back and assessing (good people readers), affectionate, gentle, stable and need stability making them resistant to change, practical, affectionate, they collect things they love or find meaningful, a foodie, pampers themselves, and patient. I feel like I fit the mold for a lot of these except for patience. I have very little patience, which is one of my faults. I use the knowledge of what it means to be a Taurus to help me determine the kind of people I vibe with (romantically and platonically). So this would mean that I am drawn to people who aren’t always switching up on me and keep things stable. But that could also mean that I’m drawn to people who push me out of my comfort zone… to an extent. I like my bubble. I see and feel a lot of connections to being a Taurus, especially the more I explore the sun sign. It’s in my tenth house, meaning you feel the need to distinguish yourself from others through goals, success, and responsibility.

My rising is Leo, which means I come across as bright, good-natured, magnetic, energy may seem like a know it all and always center of attention, can command a room. I don’t ask people how I came across to them upon meeting them but I can definitely say that I like things done a certain way and take the lead in most situations (haha). When I was younger I definitely loved being the center of attention, but not so much anymore but I think that’s my introverted-ness talking. It’s in the first house which means my personal identity comes across as friendly, positive, and strong who love to be around people and can be the life of the party. I need attention, affection, and praise, so I need people around me. I have a strong personality, so people may be drawn to me without trying.

My moon is Sagittarius, meaning my emotional self is restless, self-questioning, optimistic, independent, may hide sensitivities, interested in finding new ways to feel. I can definitely say I have these traits. I find myself always questioning my mental self and pushing the boundaries in terms of knowing what I feel. I also think that helps me stay in tune with myself. I’m also very into philosophy and things that get you thinking.  It also aligns with the fifth house, meaning you find security and safety through romance, self-expression, creativity, and pleasure.  I also find myself falling back on romance as a comfort space as a cause of reading and watching so many romantic novels and movies. This causes me to romanticize my entire life…whoops. I’m a hopeless romantic which has its perks and faults. Despite that, I still find comfort in those areas. 

That’s all I’m going to share, but I will say once you start looking deeper into my chart, you can make a lot of connections to who I am and why I’m drawn to certain things. It’s quite fascinating to see how such a thing as our stars and planets impact who we are as people, or at least align with who we are.

Do you believe in astrology? If so, what do you connect with the most? I hope you enjoyed this post and the pdf to go along with it. Don’t forget to stay vibin!

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