LGAS S. 1 E. 13: How to Have A Positive Night Routine

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For me, my night routine is almost as important as my morning routine (see that post here), so today I am going to give you tips to make your night routine as relaxing and positive as it can be. Your night routine leads into your sleeping time and therefore plays a part in how you will sleep. It is also YOUR time to focus on winding down, taking care of yourself, and reflecting. 

  1. Once you start your night routine, turn off work mode. Once you start getting ready to call it a night (whether or not you are going to stay up a few hours longer or go to bed), stop working. This is your time to relax and wind down, and work/working on something will distract you from that and completely defeats the purpose. If you are a workaholic like myself, this is so important for your well-being. You need to give yourself time for your brain to shut off, so stop working and worrying about things you have to get done and focus on yourself.
  2. Have a solid skincare routine. This serves multiple purposes: 1) It’s important to take care of your skin 2) Applying skincare is soooo soothing (check out one of my favorite YouTubers who teaches you about all things skincare so you can learn about what is best for your skin). This is the time where I really take my time to take the day off of my skin as well as reflect on my day. I will think about the things that made me feel good that day or things that I am grateful for. Your skincare time is your time to reflect.
  3. Have a relaxing playlist (here’s mine if you don’t want to make one). For me, I will listen to a podcast or a playlist that soothes my mind. I think music is so powerful and it shapes how you feel, so this playlist should emulate relaxing vibes and make you feel at peace and calm. 
  4. Turn off harsh lights. I find that either dimming my fan light or turning it off and using a lighter light source makes me feel most relaxed. Take massage places, for example, they normally have very dim orange light instead of your standard bright light.
  5. Do something that allows you to decompress. For some, this may be working out or stretching, for others it may be mediation, journaling, or simply thinking. There are times where I won’t be in the mood to write or meditate so I will just lie on my floor, listen to music, and contemplate everything I could possibly think of. I find that giving my mind a few moments to let everything out allows me to have a better sleep where I don’t wake up in the middle of the night disrupted by any of my thoughts, especially if there is something really weighing me down. 
  6. Try to avoid or minimize the use of your phone. So much of our world is on social media, which can get toxic. I have a cutoff time where I will stop scrolling aimlessly at night because I don’t want to be thinking about any of the negative things I see as well as not wanting to accidentally stay up for hours because that disrupts the restful sleep that I very much need.
  7. Lastly, end your night positively. This could be scrolling through Pinterest (which is my happy place), listening to a podcast you really like, watching your favorite show, listening to music that makes you happy, writing down affirmations, and so many more. 

I hope this inspires you to have a more positive and relaxed night routine. What is something you absolutely have to do in your night routine? Let me know. Don’t forget to stay vibin!


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