LGAS S. 1 E. 11: Turning Stress Into Art

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Our life has various stressors here and there that make us uneasy and, you guessed it, stress us out. The more stress we face, the less we take care of ourselves and more negativity take over our lives. Sometimes we fall so deep into this stressful slump that we need a miracle to pull us out. 

Where am I going with this? Today I am going to talk to you about turning your stress into art (note: I’m defining art as something creative or something you’re passionate about). This is kind of my way to tell you my story and why I created Get Aloha Spirit and how I turned my stress into art, in hopes for you to get inspired and do the same. 

I call this website my passion project for a few reasons. 1) Being my love and passion for talking about travel, spreading positivity, and all the other fun stuff I talk about on here, 2) I want to make the world a better place, so if I make a positive impact on at least one person from what I talk about then I have done my job, and 3) Writing is my creative outlet and creating content for this site adds onto that too. I find that being creative and letting out that creative energy helps me maintain a level head. 

You can be creative and not be artistic. To some, releasing their energy is through painting or drawing, to others, it’s writing or content creating, for some it can be through music. No matter what your creative outlet is, you can create something incredible out of it. 

When I created Get Aloha Spirit, I was at my lowest. I was a sophomore in high school going through the worst bout of anxiety I’ve had since I was first diagnosed. I had just gotten out of a not so great relationship and felt awful about myself. As I was healing, I had this idea. At that time, I started to dive into what I have labeled my “hippie stuff”. I dove into chakras and meditation and worked on creating a positive environment for my head, my heart, and my soul to heal. That’s where it all started. 

I always wanted to start a website but I never knew about what. I just knew I wanted to put my thoughts out and share them with the world. I loved what having a positive outlook on my life did for me, so of course, I wanted to share that with the world. That is where Get Aloha Spirit was born. I grabbed an empty notebook and wrote out ideas for layouts, sections, topics, and every little detail I wanted on my website. 

I knew I wanted to share my travel experiences, talk about positivity, and explore the realm of hippie stuff but what was I going to name it? I’ve always felt at home when we would go to Hawaii (which is why all of the headers photos of my website are pictures from my trips to Hawaii) and I wanted to incorporate the energy I felt on the islands. That’s where the Aloha spirit comes in. The definition is on the website but it means: The coordination of mind and heart within each person brings each person to the self. Each person must emote good feelings to others. I googled various Hawaiian terms about good vibes/positivity, and once I stumbled across the definition of the Aloha spirit, I knew that was what I was going to use. The Aloha spirit is something that I use in my day to day life, and with my website, I wanted to spread that definition and beyond. 

Once I found my direction, and once you find your direction, everything will be a breeze. It became something I was passionate about and it let me find direction out of stressful times. My website has given me the ability to learn more about hippie stuff and has forced me to always maintain a positive lifestyle, which is a good thing because sometimes we have our moments where the last thing we want to be is positive.  Finding my outlet has made my life better, more positive, and a whole lot wider. I’ve learned so many new things and have continued to keep up with learning, writing, and “teaching” those things to you all. 

I am so grateful for you, readers and listeners, for allowing me to create and publish something I am absolutely passionate about.

I hope this inspires you to turn your hardships and stress into something creatively beautiful. Remember to keep your head up and don’t forget to stay vibin. 

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