Law Of Attraction Part 2

*This is an update on my journey on finding the Law of Attraction*

It has been a week since I discussed the Law of Attraction, but I have known about it and practiced it since I discovered it about a month ago. It has not been a very long time but I have made observations from the start of this journey that I would like to share with you.

  1. It is a long process. You have to understand that this mindset is an entire transition from not paying attention to the energy you put out or barely acknowledging your energy, to having to be entirely in tune with everything you do and say. I have not fully dived into the LoA  but it is a journey that you have to slowly build on.
  2.  It is a difficult progress. It takes a lot of time. I have not fully gotten into it and I do not think I will in a long time. It is a growth that will happen over time and that is okay. That is the biggest thing I have learned. You have to learn to adapt at your own time. Which means if you’re ready to start engulfing yourself into the LoA, New Years is right around the corner and this could be the perfect resolution for the start of the New Year. 
  3.  It is one of those processes you can manipulate to make it your own and fit who you are. It is one of those things if something isn’t working for you, you can scrap it or change it. It is all about what you find best for you, just like Mediation: Kyla Style .
  4. Lastly, it is hard to entirely focus on good vibes. I get it stuff happens , life happens, it is hard to be positive and full of good vibes 24/7. That means all you have to do is try your best at embodying the LoA, and at some point or another it will come together.

I hope you all have a Happy Holiday’s full of good vibes. Stay vibing!


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