How to Minimize Stress

It is around that time of year where the stress from school and work starts to kick in. Everything is in full swing and taking its charge on our lives. With that, stress comes with the territory. Today I will give you all of my tips and tricks to deal with the stress.

  • Take a minute to gather your thoughts. Writing has always been helpful to me. I grab a notebook and write down everything I feel, even if it does not make any sense. Seeing everything I am stressing about puts it all in perspective for me and makes me feel more at ease.
  • Think to yourself, or write it down if you need to visualize it, and ask yourself: Will this (the thing you are stressing about) matter in a year from now? If the answer is no, then you can easily put that stress away and now you have one less thing to stress about.
  • Take a moment to grab a pen and paper and make a list of everything you need to do that week or even that day depending on how much needs to get done. Then make a key with three symbols, 1 being for everything urgent and that needs to be done by the next day, the 2nd is for everything you can hold off for a day or two but if you can get them done that day, go for it, and 3rd, for stuff that can wait awhile and that will not be a stressor for a few days. Doing this puts it all in perspective and allows you to see what deserves your time and stress. I even do this with my daily planner (if you don’t have a planner, What the heck are you doing?). Keeping all of the things I have to do on an urgency system keeps my stress levels down.
  • Every night try to do something good for your soul. I like to read (I am currently rereading the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series because it is my favorite book series and it makes my heart happy), you can write, meditate, take a bath, workout. Just do at least one thing that is good for your soul and that makes you feel at peace and happy.

There are many more ways to de-stress, but for now, I am leaving you with those four things. Of course I will share more in the future but for right now use these and don’t forget to stay vibing.

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