How to Get and Share Good Vibes

If you know anything about me, I am all about good vibes. As I have maintained good vibes, I use phrases such as “I’m vibing” or “I vibe with it”, and people question what it means. This is all about how to get and share good vibes.

  • What are good vibes? Good vibes are a spiritual energy that embraces nothing but positivity.
  • You have to start with finding the good vibes within yourself before you can start spreading it. You can achieve your good vibes by using what you have around you to fuel your happiness and positivity. I am not saying that now you have to be all happy, sunshine, and rainbows all the time, but the first step to your own good vibes is changing your outlook on life. When things go wrong, you should take every opportunity to look at the positive and the good things that can come out of it. When you start seeing things in a positive light, you can start thinking about how you will bring good vibes into your life and others.

  • I do have to say that everyone has their own vibe. The one thing everyone would have in common is the concept of positivity, but when we find good vibes within ourselves it can be anything that makes you happy. For example, it can be types of music, food, movies, anything that makes your heart happy.
  • If you have good vibes and the positive energy and you carry that with you wherever you go, it will radiate on to other people. When other people feel a positive energy, they will feel the positivity and apply it to their own life.

I have gone over the basics to good vibes, but there are a few things that add the whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherry on top of good vibes.

  • Do a good deed. Help someone in need. When you do a good deed, you spread positivity and you help someone. It can be something small, but if you try to make a difference and you do it every once in a while, it will make a positive difference in the world, in the lives of the people you helped, and in your life. While helping other people, you add an energy to the world, a good, positive energy. Good, positive energy spreads good vibes everywhere.
  • My favorite way to embrace my own good vibes, especially when I need a pick me up, is to go on Pinterest. Pinterest has EVERYTHING one could possibly need to embrace the good vibes. You can look at pictures and inspiration for whenever you need to boost your energy. It may seem like Pinterest is sponsoring me, but they are not…unfortunately. Anyways, there are ways to be constantly inspired and whenever I am inspired, I feel good and positive about everything going on in my life.
  • Lastly, live life to the fullest. I know, I know, it is cliche, but it is the truth. Living life to the fullest allows you to embrace everything good, and bad, that the world may throw at you. When you face the good and bad, you grow and I believe that growth is a very important part of vibing. As you grow, the vibes change. As your vibes change you can bring out a new type of energy, and that is when I fully embrace change.

I hope my logic behind my vibes make sense, and I hope you start incorporating my vibe methodology in your daily life. Don’t forget, stay vibing!

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