How to Find Calm in the Storm We Call Life

Life is crazy. Sometimes it feels like it is being swept into a tornado, dragging you in every direction, throwing you into a disoriented world of unsettlement and confusion. This act of confusion tends to cause stress and stress tends to cause destruction to who we are mentally. I have some ways to find a bit of sanity in this madness we call life.

  • Find a moment, just one moment. It can be two minutes, ten minutes, or an hour. Use that time to do whatever you find peaceful. That could be meditation, writing, reading, baking, a bath, or anything that gives you a sense of peace and relaxation. Some of us have hectic schedules and we never give ourselves time to relax. That is when you have to remember that you and your health are the most important thing to worry about. You cannot cancel mandatory plans, but if you have a thing that can be moved or adjusted, take advantage of that moment and take the time for you.

  • Once you have that moment, you are going to want to do something relaxing. Here are a few things you can do to relax:
    • Turn off your notifications on your phone so there are no distractions, dim the lights, light a candle, or put some essential oils in a diffuser and meditate.
    • If you are doing this at night, draw a bath, put in a handful of epsom salts, put on a facemask, and watch some Netflix. That is my personal favorite because it is so relaxing and is great to loosen muscles from all of the stress.
    • Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to escape. I like planning trips or looking for new inspiration for everything I do, such as fashion, food, etc…
    • Sit down and read a book. That is something I miss the most since high school picked up, so when you set time for yourself take advantage of that time to start a new book or finish one. There is something about how you get transported into a new world that takes you away from your world that allows you to relax and be at peace.
    • Take time to pamper, this can be putting on a movie and doing your nails, or working out, or doing a face mask.
    • Listening to music is something I recommend to everyone. There is music for every mood, and whatever you are feeling, listen to it and it will send you to another world. Creating playlists is another way to relax. I love digging deep into iTunes and finding new music to put on playlists.

I hope at least one of these tips helps you find a way in remaining calm and finding a way alleviating stress. Stay vibing.

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