How to Cancel Out Others Negativity

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No matter how positive you are, there will always be someone or something that kills your vibe with all of their negativity. This is something that we all deal with on a regular basis. I have had my fair share of vibe killers in the past few years, so here are my tips in tricks to counteract all of the unwanted negativity.

First things first, determine how bad this negative energy is, this allows you to determine how and where you will put your energy. You have to determine if it is worth channeling any of YOUR energy into that person or thing. Ask yourself: Can I ignore it? If there is a person killing your vibe, first take a breath. Remember that there is no point in combating someone’s negativity with your negativity. Do everything you can to smile and move on. If the negative energy is just too powerful, turn to the individual and say: “I know you may see this situation differently, but it is really negative and I do not want to be around it,” or something along those lines.

You have to understand that you have no control over others energy. You can try your hardest to minimize its effect on you, but you cannot delete the negativity of someone else. It is their energy which means they can do what they want with it. You have all of the control over your positive emotions, but you have no control over others, which means you control how you react. 

If worst comes to worst, you can remove this person from your life. I understand this is hard to do, especially if the person is associated to you, but you have to realize that if they are depriving you from becoming your best positive self, cut them out, unfollow them on social media, try to avoid them. It is perfectly okay to be selfish in this sense because it is harming your headspace. Remember to not jump straight into the cutting out, sometimes that will take more energy than just ignoring them. Be aware of the power you have over your mindset and your positivity. It is key to determining how to eliminate the negativity around you. 

I hope these tips help you strive for even more positivity. Don’t forget to stay vibin!



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