How to be Organized

(Picture: Lima, Peru by Kyla Alexandre)

A part of my “brand”, if you will, is the fact that I am an organization obsessed freak. I get excited over planners, organizational techniques, and find cleaning a source of peace. Due to my efficiently organized way of life, my friends suggested that I write an article about the ways to maintain organization throughout your life. Of course, there are many varieties of methods to organize, but today I am going to teach you the organizational basics. Grab a snack and let’s get started!

First things first, you have to realize that there is a different system for everyone, but the one thing that is universal is wanting to organize. Being organized is keeping some sort of order, whether it is just enough or an incredibly unnecessary amount (me). I find that over time, I have perfected techniques and systems that work perfectly for my lifestyle. The process of organization takes time and patience because it is so personalized. There are no rules in regards to organization. If you find something that works, roll with it. 

You have to start somewhere. This leads to my standard rant about getting inspired and getting that inspiration from Pinterest. (If this happens to be your first post of mine, hi I’m Kyla and I’m addicted to Pinterest) You can find anything on Pinterest in terms of organization, whether it is room organization (stay tuned for a post about that), planner organization (stay tuned for a post about that too), and anything you please to organize. Pinterest happens to be a great source of motivation AND tips and tricks on organization. Another source of inspiration to really get you going is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and the cool part about this source is it comes in paper and pixel form. You can read about her methods or watch her show on Netflix. It is something great to have on while you tackle your organizational monster. 

Once you get inspired, set your intent. In all aspects of my life, including the little things, I set an intention. Ask yourself “What do I want to get out of this?” “What is my goal?” “What do I want to achieve?” Those answers are going to help you navigate your organizational journey at its fullest potential. With that intent, get ready to tackle it. Organization, for me, starts with a list (what else do you expect from me, I love my lists). Start small with a corner of your bedroom or your bathroom or your backpack, and then let yourself bounce off of that. The lists can consist of anything from what you want to purchase to help you out or list the way the system will work, or how you will maintain this system. To-do lists allow you to see everything out so you have a decent idea of where you want to go. For even more benefit, prioritize those tasks on your list. You can put certain symbols for what NEEDS to get done, what you should try to get done, and things that will not send the world off its axis if you don’t get to it. There is a whole variety of lists and ways to aid your organizational techniques. 

With elements of organization comes deep cleaning. For example, organizing your closet comes with sorting through your clothes which leads to determining what you keep or what you get rid of. Or the act of organizing your room may lead to cleaning through EVERYTHING and creating a pile of things that you can donate and get rid of. Do not hold back when organizing because that will limit how far you actually go. It prevents you from going all the way and maximizing your method of organization. You cannot be afraid to dive in, after all, it is your own experiment. The whole goal of organization is to maximize your efficiency and keep yourself a wee bit more together. 

I hope you feel confident enough to start your road to organization. Stay tuned for more to this organization series. Send me pictures of your progress on social media. Don’t forget to stay vibin!


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