How do you know a place has good vibes?

Vibes are something one feels individually. One could vibe with something completely different than the other. When it comes to traveling you have a lot of choices and a lot of different ways to vibe.

  • The first step is trial and error. When you are in a new place try big cities versus little cities. Towns versus villages. There is a lot to choose from based on your time in the area. Do research. Look into where you’re going and use that to figure out what you find interesting. If it’s interesting to you, do it.

  • Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. Go back to the article about being more adventurous. Yes, you are in a new place, and I’m sure the language is different, but go for it. We spend some time wandering the city, enjoying the energy and enjoying the people. I find that the people are a big part in feeling the vibes of the area. You may not realize it but people are a big part of daily life, even if you do not like people. You interact with people by walking past them, going shopping, day to day business, everywhere, so the people you interact with affect the way you feel about the location.
  • If you don’t like it, try it differently or do something else. You don’t have to like everything you do and that’s perfectly okay. You’re not going to like everything. Just try new things and find new hits of comfort and interest.
  • Personally, when I travel I like the more homey, relaxed, and less rushed places. I like the vibes in beach towns and smaller cities that still have a touch of a metropolitan area such as San Francisco or Los Angeles, but it’s not as stressful and hectic. As I said before, everyone has their own taste and own personal things they like. You just have to embrace the area and become one with the city/town/village/etc… and you will find good vibes wherever you are.
  • You will feel it in your gut. Everything I do is based on what my heart says, which is why I am a deeply emotional person (I just don’t show it), this is the one time I go with the gut. When your gut is happy and content with the location and energy, I promise you that place will feel right.

If you take note of all the ways you feel in the new places, you can look into other places with a similar energy. While taking notes of these places, you can use them to determine places to live or stay long term. Just follow your gut and listen to the vibes from the places you go. I hope you take this with you on your next adventure and don’t forget, Stay Vibing!  

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