Herbs, Herbs… Oh and More Herbs

Aromatherapy is one of my go-to cures for a lot of my problems… well not all of them but you get my point. Here are some herbal remedies, just for you.

  • Lavender-

I like to put lavender essential oil on my wrists or in my diffuser. Lavender is a very powerful herb. Lavender aids in relieving stress and calming you down. It stimulates the ability to think clearly. I love to use lavender when I am stressed, especially while I study for finals. It is my favorite way to destress from the craziness of finals, as well as give me a chance to think clearly and absorb all of the knowledge my brain can hold. Lavender bath salts are also amazing. Putting bath salts into a steaming bath is great because the steam and the aroma from the salts are two ways to relieve stress and clear your head. The steam and warmth from the bath are so relaxing and the aromatherapy…well, I already told you about that one. One more thing, there is such a thing as lavender tea. It has the same benefits of the aromatherapy; relieving stress, calming the mind, and it is delicious. It is my mom and I’s favorite.

  • Rosemary-

This yummy herb also has some redeeming qualities, one of those being the ability to spruce up food. This is another aromatherapy that is great for increasing the ability to attain knowledge and absorb information (this is another helpful study tool… my friend bathed me in this as we studied for my history final). This also helps with mental clarity. I recommend putting a little bit into a diffuser and finding a comfortable place to meditate. This will help you see your thoughts clearly and give some clarity into the madness of our minds. Be careful when putting rosemary into a diffuser because you do not want your space to smell like an Italian restaurant… although that may not be a bad thing.

  • Citrus (especially orange)-

Citrus is one of my favorite scents. This essential oil is great to enhance creativity. It is also great to give an energy boost. I love when I can take advantage of the citrus blooms we have in our backyard, it is my time to be creative and write for a little bit… until my allergies kick in and I have to go back inside, so this essential oil is the next best thing. As always just put a few drops in a diffuser and let your creative juices flow. It will also enhance a positive mood, so if you had a rough day, pop some citrus in a diffuser and let the positivity vibes wash over you.

  • Peppermint-

Who doesn’t love peppermint in the winter time? This herb has great benefits as well. This oil is a life saver for me. It has qualities that allows you to calm down. I use this when I get excessively stressed. It is a great body loosener. Typically, I would advise using this in a diffuser, as seen in the others, but this one works just as effectively on your body. I put it on my wrists and behind my ears to loosen my mind and destress. Putting it behind your ears also alleviates headaches. I am not lying when I say that putting it behind your ears feels like you are numbing your brain but numbing it in a good way. Peppermint is also wonderful to put on sore joints. I am a swimmer and my back gets insanely tense, so I put it on my back… well my friend puts it on my back, and it loosens the muscles right up and it feels ten times better.

  • Eucalyptus-

This stuff is a miracle worker. Put a couple drops of this stuff in a diffuser and you will feel decompressed and stress relieved. I love body care products with eucalyptus in them because the smell is so calming. Not only is this great for stress relief, but it is great for emotional enhancement; it is great to help with feeling down and powerless. If you are in a slump, try this. It is a calming and peaceful scent that has the ability to do wonders for how you feel mentally.

If I have learned anything, essential oils and aromatherapy are a great way to make you feel better mentally. I hope this list is a starter for your essential guide to essential oils (see what I did there). I happen to have a whole bunch of essential oils up my sleeve, so be prepared for a few more lists of essential oils and their remedies. Stay vibing.

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