Helpful Tips to Sleep Easy

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Sleep is something we all do and we all have to do in order to function, but there are times where it is a lot harder to do because our brain keeps thinking or our body won’t shut down, preventing any chance of falling asleep. Today, I am sharing some remedies to help you get to bed a lot easier. For some, doing multiple tricks will get you to sleep and for others maybe just one will do. Please note that I am nowhere near a doctor, but I am an individual who wants everyone to sleep soundly, so I am just giving you ideas to help make falling asleep an easy task.

  1. Try essential oils, specifically lavender. Lavender essential oil has calming properties that allow your mind to calm down, thus lulling you to a dazed sleep state. This is why it is advised to not use a lot of lavender oil when you are nervous, such as for a presentation, because it can cause you to become tired. You can dab a little bit of oil on your wrists and inhale the aroma or you can use it in a diffuser, and let yourself fall into a lavender scented sleep.
  2. Practice meditation or yoga. There are plenty of videos for both yoga and meditation and certain practices of both focus solely on breathing. When you do an activity that forces you to disregard your thought and focus purely on your inhales and exhales, you can push your mind into a state of calmness that allows you to ease into sleep.
  3. Write your thoughts. If you struggle to sleep because of your brain is thinking anything and everything, this is something I highly recommend. Find something where you can write your thoughts out, a journal, a note pad, a piece of paper, something. I have notebooks for separate things, but I also have a note pad right by my bed where I write down things that randomly wake me up in the middle of the night, such as a reminder or an idea. Writing it down allows me to fall asleep again instead of stressing about what I was thinking.
  4. Try something physical to burn off extra energy. It can be a minor workout such as a walk, or you can go on a run, or even do a little bit more intense session of yoga. This allows you to tire your body, enough to want to sleep and get some rest. 
  5. Your phone can be a distraction. If you start dosing off then get a notification and jolt awake, then end up scrolling through an endless feed, you should probably turn off your phone, put it on do not disturb, or put it in a different room. This will allow the interruptions to stop and give you peace of mind.

I hope these tips can help you start falling asleep easier. If you have any other tips, comment them down below! As always, don’t forget to stay vibing.



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