How to Cancel Out Others Negativity

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No matter how positive you are, there will always be someone or something that kills your vibe with all of their negativity. This is something that we all deal with on a regular basis. I have had my fair share of vibe killers in the past few years, so here are my tips in tricks to counteract all of the unwanted negativity.

First things first, determine how bad this negative energy is, this allows you to determine how and where you will put your energy. You have to determine if it is worth channeling any of YOUR energy into that person or thing. Ask yourself: Can I ignore it? If there is a person killing your vibe, first take a breath. Remember that there is no point in combating someone’s negativity with your negativity. Do everything you can to smile and move on. If the negative energy is just too powerful, turn to the individual and say: “I know you may see this situation differently, but it is really negative and I do not want to be around it,” or something along those lines.

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Happy Fall Y’all

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It is officially one of my favorite times of year… in two days. Unfortunately, California takes a long time to actually get the memo and cool down, but we have had a few days in the 80s so I think Cali is trying. It is that time of year where the cozy warm tones overwhelm (in a good way) clothing racks, nail polishes, and decor. It is the time where even though it is getting cold, warmth surrounds us. It is the time to light candles, wrap up in a blanket, make hot cocoa, and channel the best cozy vibes. To get those cozy vibes going, here is my fall playlist that I use to urge mother nature to change to fall. Let the good vibes come and the coziness flourish. This fall, find a new pumpkin patch, a new orchard to hang out in, or read new books in a fuzzy blanket. If you do anything fun this fall, tag me in pictures on @getalohaspirit. Have a good fall season and don’t forget to stay vibin!


Fake It Till You Make It

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Let me tell you something, you gotta fake it till you make it. Now, I have to give a disclaimer because there is a certain extent in which you can get away with faking something and actually seeing results. If you are in a position where it does a lot of harm, please seek help in a different form. If you need to talk, you can reach me on any of GetAloha’s social media or email. You’re probably asking yourself “What is she going to tell me to fake?” My answer is: positivity. 

I read an article in my anthropology class that talked about people faking confidence and/or happiness led to them actually feeling happier/more confident. This is something that I have had to do a lot of in the past few weeks. I am surrounded by a lot of stress, so the little, negative parts of my day take a huge toll on how I feel, and as a person who promotes positivity that is not very good. So for this past week, I have done everything I can to fake it and it has its perks. I have tried to wake up every morning and tell myself “Today is going to be a great day” and throughout the day I reassure myself a few times. I try to walk with a little pep in my step and it works. I go about my day feeling more confident and assured. The act of smiling, even if it is forced, boosts your happy chemicals. It is weird how it works, but it does.

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Why Impulse is Good For You

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This is an article I never thought I would be writing, ever. I am a person who likes being in her little safety net and staying in her box of minimal change and lots of comfort. This post is something that I am not just writing for my audience, but I am writing it for myself, too. This is my reminder to myself to let impulse and spontaneity take over sometimes. I guess you could say that this article is a part two to my how to be spontaneous article.

From my perspective, the act of being impulsive is what connects to being spontaneous. We get that sudden drive to be impulsive and we allow that drive to steer us in whichever direction the impulse wants to go. Sometimes it is important to let that impulse take over the steering wheel and gas pedal, of course, you want to make sure that impulse doesn’t take too much control and put you at risk. Allowing the acts of impulse to give way to new direction and new opportunities allow you to open up and see new things. Impulse allows you to experience something, that could be life changing, that you may have not been able to experience in your constant state of constants. 

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Helpful Tips to Sleep Easy

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Sleep is something we all do and we all have to do in order to function, but there are times where it is a lot harder to do because our brain keeps thinking or our body won’t shut down, preventing any chance of falling asleep. Today, I am sharing some remedies to help you get to bed a lot easier. For some, doing multiple tricks will get you to sleep and for others maybe just one will do. Please note that I am nowhere near a doctor, but I am an individual who wants everyone to sleep soundly, so I am just giving you ideas to help make falling asleep an easy task.

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How to Get and Stay Motivated

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Being motivated is something that drives us to do anything and everything in their life. Motivation helps us get out of bed, start our day, do work, be productive, and do everything we please in our lives. Everything you do requires some sort of motivation and sometimes life just does not want to give it to you, so you have to make motivation for yourself.

Motivation starts within. Now I know that saying that sounds cliche, but it is the truth, the full and honest truth. If you want it, you have to go out and get it and try to make a change. You can’t just sit in whatever you feel and expect it to change at the drop of a hat, you have to get up and do something about it. There are so many ways to do this and I will give you a few tips to get on the road of getting back that motivation and keeping it there.

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How to Plan…

I know you are probably looking at the tile, you are probably thinking that I am going to tell you all of the ways to become an OCD planning obsessed person like me. Instead, I am giving you my tips and tricks that involve planning to make life easier and strengthen habits.

Start off by figuring out what you want to tackle. It could be anything: workout plans, morning/night routines, or even just plan to increase productivity. These are all minor things that don’t require you to think too far ahead because planning every move of your future may not be the smartest thing to do.

Once you have figured out what you want to tackle, whip out a calendar so you can see your availability in regards to dates and times. When you are able to see every option, you can make the smartest decision and see every possibility, which will help choose what’s best for you.

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Ways to Get Out of a Slump

I’m going to be 100% honest with you and say that I have been in a slump the past week or so, hence why there was not a post two weeks ago. I have been in a slump, which typically happens when I am on emotional and/or stress overload. The past few weeks, I have felt every emotion, good and bad, I could physically feel, on top of the stress that comes with school. At the end of the week, I was tired of feeling confused and slumped so I sat back and evaluated everything I felt and created a plan of attack. Here is what I came up with, for those of you in a slump:

  1. Step back and assess the situation. This is something that I do whenever I feel any panic or stress. This is when I make my trusty lists and write down all that I am feeling. I know some people have different methods of coping, but make a list. It allows you to see everything clearly. The cool part of lists and you can make them as customizable as you want.  
  2. Once you have assessed the situation, it is time to create a plan of attack. You need to pinpoint the issue or issues that are causing this slump. On that list you made, make a note of the most prevalent issues. This will give you some clarity in knowing what you need to do to change your mindset.
  3. This is when you now have to do things to get inspired. Do something that sparks some creativity within you and allows you to channel good energy into everything you are doing. That switch in energy will allow you to focus on what you need to do to target the ways to get out of your slump.
  4. Go tackle that list. There are so many different ways to solve so many different types of issues, so this one is open for your own personal interpretations. There is not a way for me to tell you exactly how to remove yourself from a slump because we all respond and resolve our issues differently, so take this as an outline where you can fill in the blanks.

I know slumps suck, but you have to want to change your ways in order to get out of the slump. You cannot just sit around and hope that things fix themselves because it is on you to make a change. Don’t forget to stay vibing!

Ways to Change Your Mindset

There are certain moments in our day that has a positive or negative impact on your day, and there are some points where that impact (mostly the negative) will last for a long time. When you are in your negative mindset, it is harder to be driven and carry on with your day to day life with a positive attitude. Here are my tips and tricks to changing your mindset:

  • Journaling is something that I have relied on a lot lately. When I feel down in the dumps, I whip out a journal and write down all that I’m feeling. Once I get all of my thoughts on paper, I write the goals that I have and the ways I could change my mindset. Once written down, I can use what I thought of and take those steps to change my mindset.
  • You have to want to change your mindset. If you truly do not want to change how you feel, then it won’t happen. You have to want it in order for it to happen. You also have to realize that it won’t happen overnight, therefore if you do not want your mindset to change, then you will not have the motivation to fight for that change.
  • Cut out the negativity. You do not need negativity surrounding you taking away from your journey to becoming positive. Some of the negativity around you could come from people or from your own way of thinking. Your negative thinking can prevent you from embracing a positive mindset.
  • Do something that makes you happy and feels good. If you do something good for your soul, I guarantee that it will make you feel so much better. The coolest part of doing something good for your soul is you can define it in whatever way you want. It could be an activity or thing that you find rewarding. If it makes you happy, then go for it.
  • Listen to a playlist or song that makes you happy and/or feel good. It will entirely change the energy within you and get you to feel positive. Sometimes you have to hear a really good song to get you in the right mindset.

I hope these tips make a difference in your mindset. Don’t forget to stay vibin!


How to Stay On Top of Your Game

As time goes on, we fall into routines but stress changes those routines and makes one fall apart. At one point everything will feel like it’s falling apart and we will lose track of where we are headed. When time gets rough, we slowly fall down and we are no longer on top of our game. Today I will be sharing my tips and tricks to staying on top of your game.

  1. Always have a plan. I know this is no shock, someone who has an obsession with planning is telling you to have a plan. When life gets hectic, take a minute to lay out everything you have to do and see it on a wider scale. When you have it laid out, you can tackle your plan in a more calm manner.
  2. Try to get into a focused mindset. Take time, before you get on that grind, to get inspired. Go on Pinterest for a bit and go through your feed to get inspired. Pinterest always puts me in a really motivated mood. Another thing I like to do is go on youtube or a podcast and watch or listen to someone who inspires me and seems to have their life together and use that to motivate me.
  3. Once I have a changed mindset, set goals. Make a list of everything you want to accomplish, whether it is in the next few days, months, or years. When you set goals for yourself, big or small goals, it will make you want to push yourself to accomplish those goals, therefore motivating you to get on that grind.
  4. Create a playlist. This has got to be the simplest way to motivate yourself. Compile a playlist of all of the songs that make you feel on top of the world. When you listen to this playlist, it should put you in a mindset that wants to get stuff done.
  5. Lastly, find a support system. Find people who you can surround yourself with and will push you. When you have people who want you to succeed, take advantage of that and use that to drive you to push yourself.

 I hope you know have the drive to get back on your game. Don’t forget to stay vibing!