Bringing in the New Year 🎉

Hi friends,

I’m so happy you’re here for another year. I took a brief break but I’m back again and inspired. While the New Year is a time typically used to reset, there’s no rule saying you can’t reset on a random Tuesday in March which is why I’m providing this to you on a random day in January. I hope this helps guide you on your next reset!

Ah 2021, a roller coaster, maybe less turbulent than the roller coaster that was 2020, but still a coaster nonetheless. This year taught me a lot about who I am and what I want my life to look like. With all of that knowledge, I am taking it all into deep consideration into my preparation for 2022. 2021 was the year for learning and personal growth for me, and with that, 2022 will be the year where I work on channeling that growth into my reality. It will be the year where I build upon the foundation I laid this year. I will be looking at further healing, creating, and growing into building a truly beautiful life. In this first post of the year, I will take you through how I plan to reset for the New Year and reflect on the year that was 2021.

Upon redesigning my Notion set up in March 2021, I set up a page similar to my page on the weekly reset entitled “Yearly Reset.” This is a list of everything I feel will help me properly reset and design my life going into the next year. This is not necessarily wiping the whiteboard clean, instead, it’s evaluating what worked for me the past year, what I want to bring into the new year, and what outcomes I want to have upon reflecting at the end of the year. It’s the time where I start a new journal, prep for the upcoming semester, make vision boards, set goals, manifest, clean out my digital space, and do anything else I see best fit to start the year.

Here is what my Yearly Reset Notion page looks like:

It takes into account a lot of the components of my life, such as self-care, productivity, journaling, spirituality, school, etc.

December always brings in such wonderful energies into my life and I always find myself in a more contemplative state where I really look at my life the past year and start evaluating what I need. This turns into sticky notes and lists in my journal of things I want to add or remove in the next year’s journal or things that I want to change but am not 100% sure about how. December turns into a brain dump of ideas for the new year.

I use the upcoming year as an excuse to clean not only my space but my devices and myself. It will look a little different this year since I live in a dorm and I’m staying at home for the holiday season. This yearly reset is a lot of internal cleansing where I’m really looking at manifesting and channeling all kinds of good energies into various parts of my life.

This year’s reset was rather therapeutic as I chose to not think about it until after the New Year because I avoided routines for a bit to take a break. Of course, I set up my new journal for the year, but I chose to not establish new routines and habits till the 2nd and 3rd of the month and put them to use on the 10th. In the time leading up to it, I found inspiration from others and used that to stimulate my mind and get myself thinking.

First, I used MuchelleB’s Notion template for 2021 Wrapped. It helped me reflect, and process the WHOLE year as well as line up what I wanted to see for the upcoming year. Then I made my own template where I arranged Yearly Goal Setting to then set up all of my goals. This then translated into my habit developing/tracking system (more on that in a later post). I went a little crazy this year and went super detailed and thorough with my habits because this year I am working extra hard to cultivate the life I not only want to live but love to live.

If you choose to use my Notion template, there is a section for the word of the year. This is my new favorite part of yearly planning. Essentially, how I see my word of the year, it’s a word that constructs and motivates goals and habits for the year. It also encompasses everything I want to see that year. This year, my word is STRENGTH, as I want to bring strength into the various components of my life (mental, physical, relationships, work, etc). This also drives my goals for the year. I recommend setting 3-5 major goals and when planning out how to accomplish them, breaking them into smaller, digestible, and feasible goals (this makes goals more attainable and more motivating to accomplish them). These goals somehow connect to the word of the year.

Here is my personal example:

Goal: Focus on healing rather than coping Why: Last year, I spent a lot of time just trying to stay afloat and this year I want to do more that helps me thrive so I don’t have to just stay afloat Feeling: Stronger, so that I could handle my anxiety beyond just handling it and use that energy to take the time to become the person I dream to be


  • spend more time off my phone doing other things
    • meditating using insight timer to meditate and heal
    • yoga
    • working out
    • journaling with prompts that challenge me to heal
    • reading
    • embroidery
    • being outside
    • getting out of my room more
  • develop fitting routines that help me stay grounded
  • manifest so I can channel that energy into my daily life

As you can see, this goal cultivates mental strength. The How section lays out the actionable steps that will drive the new habits and routines you need to make.

And of course, your goals can also be low-pressure and leisurely, like my goal to watch every Marvel movie in 2022. My reasoning, I will be able to have stronger discussions with my friends, boyfriend, and cousin who have been BEGGING me to get into the films (and I am thoroughly enjoying them thus far). Goals don’t have to be life-altering and intense changes, so long as they provide some sort of intrinsic value to your life.

I’ve rambled on plenty, but I want to leave you with one last tip. Your reset, goals, and years are what you make it. There is no right or wrong way to prepare for or navigate your year. Listen to what you need.

I hope your 2022 is full of love and light.

Don’t forget to stay vibin!

<3 Kyla

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