The Lets Get Aloha Spirit Podcast: The Introduction

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Hello friends and Happy New Year, I have created a podcast called Lets Get Aloha Spirit. I created this podcast in hopes to share more of that style content on a deeper level. I want to have more in-depth, thorough discussions about anything and everything related to positivity, travel, and other things you may find on my website. Now you may be wondering, what is going to happen to the website. It will still be up and running but I will do things a little bit differently. Every podcast episode will also be a post on the website, so you can either listen, read, or do both of everything I post. Think of the posts as a transcript of the podcast episode with other bits of information here and there. There will still be regular content every 2 weeks, and you can find it all in one place on the website.

Here are a few other notes I did not talk about (I recorded it in July and some things have changed):

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The Crazy Year of Favorites

Picture: Fraser Flat, Long Barn, CA by moi

As 2020 comes to a close, the time in isolation and learning about myself has led to finding new favorite things, and today I am going to recommend them to you. I’m going to share some of my favorite TV shows, movies, and all sorts of things that made 2020 a little more bearable. I hope you can find a thing or two that you may want to try.

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You Need to Start Loving Yourself…

Picture: The Trail of Gargoyles, somewhere in the Stanislaus Forest by my dad (this picture shows one of the most genuinely happy smiles)

*TW: this post talks about anxiety and eating disorders. While I’m not going into a lot of detail, I do talk about it. Know that you are going to be okay and I am here to talk if you need anything*

If you’ve been here since the beginning of Get Aloha Spirit (wow thank you), you have been here to witness a lot of growth and a lot of change. One of my goals with creating this site was to create a space where people feel safe enough to explore themselves, learn to love themselves, and be on a path to a better you. 

In the past few days, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how far I have come in terms of my own happiness and confidence. I want to tell you my story, and I want to remind you and let you know that with a bit of time and a lot of love, you too can blossom into an even more incredible human than who you are now.

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My First Year Of College

Picture: My college announcement pictures by my parents 🙂

When I created this document months ago in hopes to sit down and reflect on my college experience as I was going through it, I had no idea the world would shut down and I would be experiencing my first year of college six hours away from my school. I wanted to create this post in hopes to share things I have noticed, done, and learned in the past few months, but now it also acts as a time capsule, capturing such an odd time in the world so others can view it in a few years to see what we went through and how the world has changed. Nonetheless, I still find myself making the most out of the situation and trying to live my best college life as best as I can while following safety guidelines. 

I hope this post allows those of you in college to connect the experiences that we have all shared, allows those of you gearing up for college to learn a thing or two about navigating college life, and allows those of you who finished to look upon what it means to be a college student in 2020 during a pandemic. 

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Let’s Talk Self Care

Picture: The flight into Cusco, Peru by Kyla Alexandre 

Let’s talk self-care… It comes in different shapes and sizes and looks different for everyone. Today, I want to talk about self-care with you and give you a list of somethings you can do. If you are like me, you suck at taking care of yourself. I’m a bit of a workaholic and forget that I also need to check in on myself. Ever since I started this website, I have learned so many things, including learning how to better take care of myself. With self-care, there’s a stigma around it where it’s either just a face mask (which is a wonderful form of self-care) or it’s selfish and conceited. I’m here to tell you that it’s neither. While a face mask is an act of self-care, it goes deeper than just a face mask. Taking care of yourself, including your skin, acts as an important part of maintaining your health and wellbeing and therefore is an excellent form of self-care. I also don’t think you should feel guilty or selfish for needing to take care of yourself. If you are not feeling your best, how can you be at your best for others if you are not at your best for yourself?

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LOA Part 4: Seeing Results

Picture: Bluff Top Coastal Park, Halfmoon Bay, California by Kyla Alexandre

If you’ve been here a while you would know that I have documented my Law of Attraction journey (here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3), and today marks “the end” of my journey. I’m using “the end” loosely because your LOA journey never ends and I will continue to use it, talk about it, and learn about it. “The end” in this case comes from actually seeing results. *Remember I am not trying to force this idea onto you, I am simply sharing what I have learned so you can learn too and possibly explore the LOA*

Let’s recap… LOA is one of the laws of the universe. The basis of it comes from the idea that you give out the energy you want to receive/will receive. For example, if my headspace is negative and I’m releasing negative energy, the universe is going to dish that negative energy right back (vice versa with positive energy). Manifestation plays a huge part in this journey (check out my LOA Pinterest board for more info here). You can visualize, write, meditate, create vision boards, and so many other things to fit with your LOA journey to create the life that you want.

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30 Journal Prompts Just For You

Picture: Maras Salt Mines, Maras, Peru by Kyla Alexandre 

If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for journaling. It’s a tool that allows me to get my thoughts out, process my feelings, track my life, act as a creative outlet, and promote self-discovery. Today, I am going to share some prompts that I use when I want a more focused journal entry. Use these prompts as you please (there is no right and wrong). You can write in a stream of consciousness, doodle, put pictures, or create a more focused entry about the prompt. Enjoy! 

*Note: I have also linked a pdf so you can print all of these prompts and keep them in your journal 🙂*

  1. Write a love letter to yourself…
  2. What are you most proud of?
  3. Plan your dream trip…
  4. If you had zero limitations, what would your dream day look like?
  5. Write a letter saying goodbye to someone who no longer serves you (if they drain your energy/are toxic, but remember to not be too negative)
  6. List 50 (or more) things that make you really happy…
  7. Where would you like to be in 10 years?
  8. What are you feeling right now? Write down songs/create a playlist that fits your mood.
  9. What relationships do you want in your life? How will they help you/shape you into the person you want to be?
  10. What has been weighing on you? Write it down, get it out of your system, and let it go/try to come up with a solution.
  11. List 10 things you are grateful for.
  12. What is your dream job?
  13. What does your dream life look like? (be super detailed on this one, it can be a manifestation)
  14. What is a dream (or nightmare) you’ve had recently that stands out to you? What happens? What do you think it means? 
  15. In what ways do you think you need to take care of yourself more? What are you going to do to take care of those things?
  16. What things have shaped/impacted who you are? What makes you the person you are today?
  17. Write a letter to someone 100 years in the future, like a time-capsule. What do you want them to know? What questions do you have?
  18. What do you do to take care of yourself mentally and physically healthy while leading the busy life you live?
  19. How do you find balance in all aspects of your life?
  20. List 10 things you can do that will make you instantly happy.
  21. What can you do for someone else that will bring you both immense joy? 
  22. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned? How did you learn them? How did it change you?
  23. What are some of your most favorite memories? Write in detail and reminisce.
  24. What are 5 things that you are looking forward to today/this week/this month (writer’s choice)?
  25. Create a spread in your journal of things or an aesthetic that makes you happy. (For example, I would go on Pinterest and print up a bunch of pictures of French and/or Italian countryside aesthetic)
  26. What is your biggest “What-if?” on your mind right now?
  27. Imagine what a day would look like without your phone…What would you do? How would you feel? Is life better or worse without your phone? Then put your phone down and live that day. (This prompt was inspired by Outerbanks ;))
  28. What is the first thing to come to mind after you read the following word and definition? Fika-Sweedish-a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. What is your Fika?
  29. How do you define soul-mate? Do you believe in soul-mates? Why or Why not? If you do, what features/characteristics does your soul-mate have?
  30. What is something you’ve always wanted to learn about? Go research it and fill up a few pages about whatever it may be

I hope these prompts have inspired you to write. Don’t forget to stay vibin!

Here is the pdf for you to print out: Journal Prompts

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The Power of Music

Picture: Flying into Germany by Kyla Alexandre 

If you’ve been here a while, you would know that I have a strong love for music. I have linked my previous posts about music, I have my top 20 songs and two other posts on music recommendations. Music is a therapy that I have fallen back on so many times, and today I am going to talk about music as a therapy and why it’s so important. 

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