About Aloha Spirit

Welcome to Get Aloha Spirit! Get Aloha Spirit is a website created to enrich and brighten the lives of others by showing people the way to seeing things in a positive way and spreading good vibes wherever they go. Each section of this site is tailored to fit everyone who visits. Hippie Stuff is the spiritual side of finding peace, positivity, and spreading good vibes by the use of natural remedies, meditation, chakras and more. Lifestyle holds everything you can do in your daily life to maintain positivity and good vibes. The Travel section has the tips and tricks you need to keep good vibes wherever you go, it also contains my travel recommendations from my favorite places. Lastly are the Blog Posts, these are where I, Kyla Nicole, shares my life lessons, stories, and things about who I am so you can get to know who is bringing these posts to you. I created this site based off of my for living a life with nothing but good vibes. I hope you learn a thing or two from what I have to share. Don’t forget, Stay Vibing!


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