A List of Lists

Picture: Neuschwanstein, Schwangau, Germany by Kyla Alexandre 

I love lists and if you’ve been here awhile you would know that. Lists are useful for literally everything: reminders, todos, goals, inspiration, and so much more. If you caught my last post, I talked about lists in your journaling that allow you to organize your mind. Today, I am going to share a list of things you can make lists of (a list of lists) that will help give you inspiration for certain parts of your life and possibly really cool journal entries (if you are into bullet journaling). 

  • If you like entertainment, these are for people who are recommended many forms of entertainment and want to make a checklist for what to watch, read, do, see, etc. 
    • Movies/TV Shows to watch
    • Books to read 
    • Concerts to see
    • Playlists to make
    • Albums to listen to
    • Movies/Books/Shows you have finished 
  • If you like adventure, these are for those who want to see out all of their destinations
    • Countries to visit
      • Things you want to do in those countries  
    • Cities to visit
    • National Parks to visit
    • Dream Destinations
    • Beaches to visit
    • Airlines you have flows
    • Places you have been 
    • A bucket list
  • If you’re a foodie
    • Recipes you want to try
    • Recipes you have created
    • Meal highlights from places you’ve been
    • Tips you pick up on the way 
  • If you’re goal-oriented
    • Things you want to accomplish
      • Career 
      • Personal
      • Etc.
    • Manifestations
      • This list might be more detailed than others, but writing out everything you want to come into your life will allow you to physically see them whenever you open your journal and therefore playing a part in your law of attraction journey
    • Inspirations
      • This can act as a reminder for when you are in a slump. Sometimes it takes a little inspiration to get you on the right track
  • Self Care 
    • Things you can do when you need a little pick me up (it may be helpful to even put them in categories based on how much time you have
  • Happy things
    • Refer back to this page whenever you need a reminder of all of the wonderful things in this world that make you happy

There are hundreds of other things to make a list of, but I figured this is a good start. If you make any of these lists or put them in a journal, share them with me! As always, stay vibin!

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