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  • Why Have a Weekly Reset?
    When 2021 started, I was needing to add some sort of stability into my life, as I was still quarantining at home and doing college from home. My mental health was spiraling, I neglected to connect to the things that brought me peace of mind, forgot about the little things that spark joy. One of […]
  • Bringing in the New Year 🎉
    Hi friends, I’m so happy you’re here for another year. I took a brief break but I’m back again and inspired. While the New Year is a time typically used to reset, there’s no rule saying you can’t reset on a random Tuesday in March which is why I’m providing this to you on a […]
  • Let’s Talk Productivity
    Picture: A sunset in Carlsbad, CA was taken by me It’s no secret that I think have a strong productivity system is KEY to maximizing our work flow as well as the general structure of our day to day lives. I’ve talked about productivity, organization, and planning quite a bit on here, but for the […]
  • Let’s Talk Study Habits
    Picture: pretty trees taken by me As we round off learning month (see the rest of learning month here), and as finals season looms around the corner (sorry for the reminder), it’s important to talk about studying and study habits. I manage to put routine and productivity into my studying, making it a lot easier […]
  • The Importance of Always Learning
    Picture: Tulips in FILOLI Gardens As you know, October is learning month and all of my posts this month are featured on learning. For this month’s posts, click here! Today’s post talks about something I will ALWAYS stand by: learning is important no matter your age. I think no matter where you are in life, […]
  • How to Learn While Traveling
    Picture: A stunning church in Lima, Peru, a country where I learned so much I could probably write a book about it Happy learning month friends!! I had a few posts on my idea log for this site and noticed I had enough to fill out the month of October, aka learning month. Every post […]
  • Balancing Your Passion Project/Hobbies/Habits with Your Life
    Picture: Alhambra, Granada, Spain by meee I’m a huge advocate for balance, as it’s something I think is so important and something I could always work on bringing into my life. Life is chaotic, we have to balance school, work, and relationships, all while maintaining our sanity. Where is there room to do the things […]
  • Sourcing Inspiration
    Picture: cup of coffee in a cafe in Spain by moi If you’ve been here a while, it’s no secret that I talk about inspiration and being inspired A LOT. To me, being inspired and finding inspiration is a key element to keeping positive and creating that mindset that puts me in a high vibration. […]
  • A Look Back on Freshman Year
    Picture: A photo of my current philosophy read in my hammock, by yours truly On Monday, I start my second year of college, and before I hop into a whole new adventure I want to share a reflection on the things I learned my freshman year of college that hopefully, you can take with you. […]
  • A Day Without My Phone
    Picture: Pretty flowers in FILOLI gardens by me Since the pandemic started, I have grown annoyed with my phone. In fact, I strongly dislike it. While I use it to communicate with friends and family, so much of what is on my phone seems pointless. So, I spent an entire day (5/15/21) without my phone. […]

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